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telkom is skum

Posted by ExtraLarge 
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avatar telkom is skum
October 25, 2006 02:04PM
i recently applied for an ADSL line, and initialy they told me it would take 4 weeks for them to come and set it up (outrageous!!...talk about bad service anyway) 4 weeks passed and noone showed up so i went down to my local telkom branch only to be told that i have to wait until 28 feb 2008 (2 days after my birthday !!) for my ADSL line...needless to stay i was less than thrilled.
i cant wait for the second national operator...

avatar Re: telkom is skum
October 25, 2006 02:45PM
I wouldn't keep my hopes up, a duopoly is rarely much better then a monopoly...
Re: telkom is skum
October 25, 2006 07:31PM
Second operator will = 2x longer to wait because they have to piggy back on the monopoly

I heard somewhere that its also gonna be a while before the SNO has to start providing data services .... *sigh*

At least Telkom will rake it in come 2010, we should all buy shares!!!
Re: telkom is skum
November 03, 2006 04:19PM
Ask for a self-installation, which means you buy a filter from a telkom shop (R60 bucks or even free if you play your cards right by throwing a tantrum). Plug it into your wall socket and connect your phone line through it in anticipation of the switch. You need a split in the wall socket however - the other connection is for the soon-to-be ADSL connection. Your telephone line essentially becomes a dedicated ADSL line, making a ticking sound when they throw the switch. Which is why you need the filter. So you plug the ADSL modem directly to your old telephone line, and use the filter with your phone to complain to Telkom about why it took so long.

I saved R420 and it took less than two weeks for someone to flip a switch at the exchange (why should it take two weeks to flick a switch? Don't they know where the switches are???)

All Telkom does is arrive at you place, plug in the filter and ask if you need help setting your modem up. Bypass all as a computer savvy of note and do a self-installation. Cancel your application and start over. Note - my next Telkom account the installation fee was charged - I threw my toys out of the cot and they removed it.

Note: Then I moved house. No Telkom lines available, no iBurst reception and now stuck with a Vodacom 3G account of 500MB @ R350 p.m., on contract for two years. Of which I've just spent approx 1 MB answering you - it seems to run much faster than than an ADSL line. I've tested it - at work this page will for example be around 30 kb. Vodacom reckons it's 100kb. So in essence count yourself lucky you're waiting for Telkom. At least you know what you get when you get it.

My 192KB Telkom line (now you get double at the same price) was much faste than this HSDPA nonsense they're touting. Countless connection problems with 3G - perhaps 3 with Telkom ADSL until I worked out you ALWAYS switch on your modem before you switch on you PC.

Don't get me wrong, but from my experience, if Telkom is evil, Vodacom is the devil. All in the name of "mobility"

Maybe I was lucky, but common sense tells me that thousands of customers are waiting in line for a Telkom van to arrive doing what you can do yourself.
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