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MyUnisa sucks

Posted by visnaicker 
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Re: MyUnisa sucks
May 31, 2006 04:22PM
OK, will just check if I receive an attachment with the next module upload (nothing has changed code-wise with the coded programme that sends it so I expect to receive it) then come back back to you.

But the fact that both of you use Outlook Pro made me wonder.....so I found this:

If you have problems viewing attachments, and it comes up as gibberish in the text of the message rather than as an attachment, it is possible that your mail application's encoding is different from the sender's email application. In order to be able to view an attachment, the encoding between the sending and receiving systems must be identical. Generally speaking, your email software will automatically encode the attachment and the recipient's software will automatically decode the file. However older email applications may not support some of encoding protocols which may include:....

.... You should try and determine which encoding scheme is in use and make sure your software supports it.

Now that's like throwing the ball back to you. No, I'll monitor this until a midway solution is found, I hope winking smiley In the short term, at least you know material is available...
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 01, 2006 07:22PM
Dear Student

We would like to thank you for registering for myUnisa in 2006. In spite of a few minor problems in the beginning, the implementation was a success and we have received much positive feedback from many students. We wish you great success in your studies.

Our aim now is to continuously improve myUnisa in order to make it easier and quicker for you to communicate with the university administration and your lecturers.

In order to assist you to use myUnisa more effectively, we have explained the most common issues and questions on a myUnisa newsletter. To download it, click on the link below or find it on the myUnisa homepage:


Best wishes,

myUnisa Support Team

I don't know wether to laugh or cry ;/
How much are they paying all these students that are giving them positive feedback?
And where can I sign up? I could use the extra cash...
Oh well let me download the new letter and have a look i guess sad smiley
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 01, 2006 07:36PM
OH wow, the pdf manages to totally miss the point again, by explaining there system as if the reader is an idiot.
Rather then adressing the fact that there system is flawed and for all practicality useless (why am i suprised).

Of my 9 4th year subjects I don't think one of them has an active thread on its myunisa forum, do they really think that honours students are too dumb to be able to use a forum?

Insulting really.. I wish they would catch a wakeup ;/
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 02, 2006 10:05AM
yeah.. I also laughed or was that cried when I read the news letter - MAYBE they must send the news letter to lecturers with the part of "Lecturers must initiate forum discussions" highlighted, in bold text and font size 72??

Also, somewhere i nthere it says something about the schedule facility working?? Does anyone else see theirs as working? Mine looks decidedly blank - or did I not do something I was supposed to?
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 04, 2006 05:57PM
MAc :
Visnaicker - I don't get this - no material for SOC should be available for download from myUnisa

Vis :
I downloaded https://my.unisa.ac.za/uniquepages/collect/COSALLF/tl/301_2006_0_e.pdf
during the early days, while looking for tut letters for cos311. I also downloaded the COS311-4 answers to ass 1, 10 days later I have not received my postal copy. During the signup weeks I downloaded Maths pdf files, 2Meg via Dialup.

receive uploaded material by email if that is easier for you ...

Vis N : Worked twice, and apparently nothing else has been sent to me, I found the COS311-4 ass 1 answers by browsing the site. I have had huge attachments previously, but check my pop box at work, where I dont run any message rules on attachments.

I see that
has not been sent to me yet, and a lot of other earlier stuff. This is crazy, there is a lot of study material not reaching me, either by e-mail or post! I now have to look into this , and as a working Unisa student, I am getting rather frustrated at this all.
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 04, 2006 06:04PM
I have quickly browsed through the download material on some of my subjects, time to call in the Despatch unit to find out what is going on, I just thought that there was not much material from the lecturers, like the flimsy COS214 of last year. It seems it may be despatch or postal system, although the e-mail thing is not working as it should.
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 04, 2006 08:37PM
Celene from what i can tell the schedule thing works, you hust have to add stuff manually.. Ie/ it is useless...

Now if it were to automatically populate itself with my exam/assignment dates that would be usefull smiling smiley Of course myunisa actually doing something usefull isn't very likely sad smiley
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 05, 2006 12:19PM
hmm... I saw I could add stuff manually - but I am sure that email we got said myUnisa would add it automatically. anyhow, why would I go and add it manually - I have already done that with that paper calendar they send us.....
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 05, 2006 04:47PM
Heh at least you got a yearly planner, they didn't even give me one this year sad smiley
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 05, 2006 05:30PM
oh... I had to email them and ask for one... but don't ask for a calendar cause then they send you an academic calendar... you have to specify year planner...

I think they send them only to undergrads sad smiley
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 05, 2006 05:35PM
So our modules cost more, our lecturers do less and we get given less stuff? What sounds wrong about that? ;/
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 06, 2006 08:41AM
4th year undergrad, and I've also not received the year planner... (First time), and the year planner actually works well, especially if you have multiple modules and try to keep track of you assignment due dates. Man; unisa service is getting worse and worse every year. But where else can I study part time?!?
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 06, 2006 11:04AM
part time undergrad - don't know of other places.... locally anyhow.

it is getting worse and worse every year.... sad smiley
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 06, 2006 03:55PM
Hi , I started this thread, please note that it is about how the MyUnisa portal site sucks smile
Please do not hijack this thread, you are all welcome to start anew one about the Unisa service.
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 07, 2006 09:36AM
okay, I agree... myUnisa is lousey when it comes to forums etc.
avatar Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 17, 2006 10:47AM
Wow, for the first time I tried my inf307 course forum there, and you can ACTUALLY READ A REPLY!!!
So why does it not work anywhere else for my other courses?
Anonymous User
Re: MyUnisa sucks
June 19, 2006 12:36PM
the lecturer probably opened the forum topics?
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