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assignment 1 question 2-To the lecturer

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assignment 1 question 2-To the lecturer
March 30, 2006 10:37PM
I was registered previously for this course.I have
The Language of First order Logic textbook by Barwise and Etchemendy.Will this book be adequate for the course?Also, could you let me know what exercise 2.7 on page 53 of the new book is?
Re: assignment 1 question 2-To the lecturer
April 01, 2006 08:55AM
The new book Languages,Proof and Logic is a revised version of The languages of first order logic.It also carries different software and new material.I would advice you to purchase the new prescribed book.
Question 2.7
Consider the following sentences.
1. Max and Claire are not related
2. Nancy is Max's mother.
3. Nancy is not Claire's mother.

Does (3) follow from (1) and (2)?
Does (2) follow from (1) and (3)?
Does (1) follow from (2) and (3)?
In each case, if your answer is no, describe a possible circumstance in which the premises are true and the conclusion false.
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