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Portfolio submission procedure

Posted by Mac 
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Portfolio submission procedure
October 03, 2013 10:43AM
Please read the submission document and follow the guidelines/rules there, e.g. do not submit via myUnisa, ensure your site is available, and if not email... etc.

Some students submit a (dummy) URL, then wait for results, get code from a fellow student, then claim their site was deleted. Others submit, take their time to complete the assignment/portfolio, and then claim their site has been deleted.

Then I am accused of being unfair sad smiley

The rules are clear - follow them. I cannot make a single exception because that would be unethical and unfair to students who bring their part. And 98% of students do so without any problem.
Re: Portfolio submission procedure
October 09, 2013 08:01PM

I have tried to submit my portfolio to osprey.unisa.ac.za php and it says closed.
When will this site open?
Do we have to perhaps submit to a different site?
Re: Portfolio submission procedure
October 30, 2019 07:54AM
I tried many times to submit my portfolio in URL and it processee and done but I checked now it doesn't say received and now they close. How to resubmit?
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