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Web Uploading Facility

Posted by 38701162 - Dumi 
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Web Uploading Facility
August 28, 2013 10:09PM

Can someone tell me where is this uploading facility spoken of in submission procedure step 2, because when I type that url I come to phorum's home page?

Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 07:46AM
Can't be... looking at the document now.
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 09:40AM
Thanks Mac

But i don't understand, I am suppose to upload that .txt file with URL and everything in it. I am not even show whether the correct documents are there i can only see the index.html page I loaded to the website just to test.

I want to submit the assignment now but can't see the uploading facility. thanks
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 09:44AM
after successfully activated my account in free web hosting area, they gave me my address, is it the one to use as an URL to my website?
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 10:34AM
On the Osprey uploading facility (the addressis in the submission document available on myUnisa -> Resources folder), you upload the text file containing your code and your URL for our purposes - i.e. so we know where your real site is, and have access to your code (which should also be available on your real site). Of course you will not see it once you have exploded the file - it is not a web site - it is a submission site, and you get a confirmation that it was successfully uploaded.

Your FWHA site is the URL you need to include because we will use that URL to go and mark your portfolio.

But you have done this in ICT2613???

If you use the correct address as in the submission document, you must see it. I cannot post the address here because funny things may happen if other people have access to it.
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 11:11AM
thanks Mac

I can see funny things if I click the link like its showing documents for ICT2613, even though they are not loaded at the new site I created. I created this one because it didn't have my name in it so the link we are required to create doesn't open if my account doesn't have the name while the link has the name. I think I have mixed things up hear but I don't know where and how,
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 11:30AM
Remove your sites URL's....
the reason you have your name in your site is so somebody with your student number cannot guess your website and steal your code,
you take the guess work out of it by supplying them with your website...

(Then I have to admit I am guilty of looking at your site, as I have no clue what you are trying to say or ask and hoped i would help ...)
firstly it seems you are on the wrong forum....this is the third year subject 3612, it seems you are busy with 2613 the 2nd year subject.
either way I still have no clue what you are asking, and all I can deduct is I too can see "funny things" and that you do need help.

what is it that you are trying to do...?
where exactly are you strugling? (please be specific)

are you happy with your offline files?
if so are they uploading to your site correctly and are you happy with them there?
are you strugling with the ospray submition or is the prob else where?
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 29, 2013 04:20PM

I am happy with the code it displays well as intended in the local browser. I am struggling with 2 things
1. I can't manage to upload the file .txt in the uploading facility as explained in additional resources in myunisa, as I am using windows 7, I tried the first method maping the network drive but failed then I tried the second one which is any client and I get error messages like unable to transfer one or more file(s).
2. In my web hosting account, I have only the 8 pages required this year(4 php & 4 txt) but it only picks up last year's pages.

what do you suggest with regards to URL should I keep my account in a normal form (studentnumber.hostingarea) or I need also to add my name in the URL or this only applies to uploading purposes only? thanks
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 30, 2013 07:21AM
I am more confused than ever. The upload document (to Osprey) says nothing about mapping - ot os a URL to a site with an upload button.?
Re: Web Uploading Facility
August 30, 2013 07:57PM
Its obvious I can't do it. you speaking of upload button in this link but i can't find it maybe I'm troubled with my computer.
If possible can I submit with other means please, my pages are available.
Re: Web Uploading Facility
September 02, 2013 07:28AM
Try another computer then?
Re: Web Uploading Facility
October 08, 2013 10:35PM
Hi everyone

is the upload facility available as at this time?
Re: Web Uploading Facility
October 10, 2013 08:45AM
It is now...
Re: Web Uploading Facility
October 16, 2013 07:14PM
The upload facility appears to not like Firefox.
Working in IE though...
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