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Second attempt

Posted by 50638459_Leolee 
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Second attempt
July 05, 2013 11:18AM
This is my second attempt on this module. I am going to need a lot of help from my fellow classmates and lecturer. I guess you are going to be seeing me a lot Mac and my questions. I thought my previous site was fully working, guess I did not understand what was expected of me. I am going to need help as I am a newbie to PHP coz in uovs I was using a different language for internet programming.
Re: Second attempt
July 10, 2013 06:33PM
@Leolee this is my first attempt but I am looking forward to this and I hope I enjoy it the way I did with 2613. Good luck
Re: Second attempt
July 12, 2013 06:05AM
Hey, look forward to this module,
Loved the first one

@Leolee...your second attempt just means you have more exprience as long as you keep practicing you will prob be helping us smile
FYI... I already have a question.... go see if you can help... Please

Good luck everyone
Re: Second attempt
July 17, 2013 03:25PM
For us doing this module the second time does it mean we have to do the same assignment and portfolio again?
Re: Second attempt
July 17, 2013 05:02PM
Yes. Do not get code from other students... you are warned!
Re: Second attempt
July 22, 2013 01:24PM
@966 Good luck to you too, man I'm gon need it. @852 will check it out. Thank you guys, lets do this... smile
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