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Exam Project, Layout and own initiative

Posted by Switchb0ard 
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Exam Project, Layout and own initiative
May 22, 2013 07:41PM
Good evening. Just a question regarding my project. Just to make sure .

1) Creating some html elements for layout and all that is ok? Changing some background colors etc etc.

2) For the tables. Is it ok to use buttons for the edit insert within the tables . On the example on the tut simple text links were used.

3) For the selections of teams , can we use drop downs instead of radio buttons etc ( im wanting to let the user select defenders attacks midfielders - then display the plays accordingly. ) so then if you have 20 players. you wont get a drop down with all the 20 players for each position.

I know my question may seem stupid, but i just wanted to check that we are allowed to use our own initiative to produce the same concepts and idea's. Provided all the functions (tables updating editing inserting , login logout) still work the same.

Thanks in advance for the reply.
Re: Exam Project, Layout and own initiative
May 22, 2013 09:49PM
nevermind question 3. flipped through other post and found the answer smiling smiley Team selection page and all that.
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