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Validating input data in the form

Posted by RodrickICT2613 
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Validating input data in the form
April 30, 2013 05:33PM
I am trying to validdate my form before posting the data into the databse, but it seems like im strugling to use the if statements correctly. I have been trying. Here is my code.
I get this error "Parse error:syntax error, unexpected T_ELSE in Z:\Program Files\EasyPHP.5.3.3\www\webfiles\insert.php on line 58"

Please i need help on the code i have posted below. I am supposed to validate the form before posting the data into the database. When i run the code on my computer it is submiting all the data into the database, but the password is not submited and before submiting the data for any missing fields the user must be notified. That is what i am trying to do with the if statements. Pleae help its urgent
<title>Insert players</title>

	removed	}
Re: Validating input data in the form
May 02, 2013 07:35AM
No help until you read the tut letter on how to post code, and not all code.
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