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assignment 1

Posted by 41208234-LM 
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assignment 1
March 14, 2013 11:28AM
hi everyone

im also confused with Java but i'll try to google the methods needed.

Re: assignment 1
March 14, 2013 02:23PM
Why? The tut you have to work through prepares your for assignment 1, which is not difficult at all. Are you Googling to bypass working through the tut?
Re: assignment 1
April 17, 2013 05:19PM
Dear Sir

I receive 0 for my assignment 1, I don't understand that because I put so much of
effort into it and most of the code was functioning.
Re: assignment 1
April 18, 2013 09:15AM
no url, code you uploaded is not readable, appears to have been generated by an app. that is my guess because you do not give a student number and i have 1000 students
Re: assignment 1
April 18, 2013 01:29PM
My student number is 47947667, can I still submit my portfolio this semester. I was really hoping to
do well for this module. I think my site became inactive because I was busy doing my assignments
for the other modules and did not go to the site for a while.sad smiley . I can not afforded to fall back please help.
Re: assignment 1
April 19, 2013 07:46AM
I do not make the due dates sad smiley
Re: assignment 1
April 21, 2013 06:12PM
Dear Sir

There seems to be a misunderstanding I did submit my assignment before due date. I don't understand how I
got 0%. Can you please tell me if I can submit my portfolio. My student number is 47947667.
Re: assignment 1
April 22, 2013 08:26AM
No misunderstanding

No URL on the Osprey submission, and as per the submission document - no URL the site cannot be marked

Furthermore, the code you submitted is not readable, over and above.

Therefore, you received 0%

1 0 obj
<</Type /Pages
/Resources 3 0 R
/MediaBox [0 0 595.2756 841.8898]
/Count 2
/Kids [4 0 R 10 0 R]
2 0 obj
<</OpenAction [4 0 R /XYZ -32768 -32768 1]
/ViewerPreferences <</CenterWindow false
/Direction /L2R
/DisplayDocTitle false
/FitWindow false
/HideMenubar false
/HideToolbar false
/HideWindowUI false
/NonFullScreenPageMode /UseNone
/PrintArea /CropBox
/PrintClip /CropBox
/PrintScaling /AppDefault
/ViewArea /CropBox
/ViewClip /CropBox
/PageMode /UseNone
/Type /Catalog
/Outlines 19 0 R
/Pages 1 0 R
/Metadata 18 0 R
3 0 obj
<</Font <</F2 9 0 R
/F1 5 0 R
4 0 obj
<</Contents 6 0 R
/Type /Page
/Parent 1 0 R
/MediaBox [0 0 595.3200 841.9200]
5 0 obj
<</Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding
/Type /Font
/Subtype /Type1
/Name /F1
/BaseFont /Courier
6 0 obj
<</Length 1418
/Filter [/FlateDecode]
/DecodeParms [null]
xÚìRMKÄ0íy~Å›C³™4Ÿ"¼-<ˆ‡E[=´®aÁ_ïLêº"^éãu˜™—¼ŒÁ ¼‡gXóg4Y܁Aƒ„³D™jË2Nü“élqŸ½n)翍}p…@FmŠ»W8í`un‘kºa‘ÁB"o´ãb받ຮT[W/ª¡=>IàH5®®VÊ4Œ;•»G­ˆó\É‹*ÔU.Ô	…¡á=AP+®ªYËô¥K/m·EáNt7KÒm9ÉVä§å7Ý%œul#±ƒ‘-‘•ø:N1Ã"¯mËÑÀ—
8÷0ÿ=³×¸ÛO!poŸeŽ‹åŸ¦a*¯2*â÷89øÿïåW/öÜ!G‘K÷ˆ{Oß   ÿÿB„)$¹'BRùhpâ	Ns=Pe¨`ÊÛ@¦¡)JpBRg¦&œ	I¢ ¶‹x‚$ó@!‚û
3CK=#ˆ"ÄV] ¥yC“‘¨    ÿÿ"=PM-õÌÍ@É)L‹¡b$¹ 
i4„Y©©k•'b[°¨4ÏX ²\ UYÀ*UÕ‰`{,±Y1eHÄ )u ©™…ž1(	Ã
lHˆh!‚R^(2DƒZ%Î.àvŒ#¸é–rI€eÀÁ«	ØáP&Fz 
+ŠËÀ‘L*os<(“çC‹ 1gp;©qN–ÖÃ.lÍõLÀMjhؤ1”‚|ª    ÿÿ‚æ[¤ª`9HȁsJ D5X¸¬i4ßÂNQQeÂUdƒ!É#éà˜€˜¶¬Ùª¹z´Æ]›è™˜ƒ{&–°Ø„uEPSq8"Fíp’ö!qkK›°&Ú?†¦&z ¦)°mŠðā¸éØA<\€H‘ µ¥BH‘ª„tiP»°Õ:C4Ñ   ÿÿ¢s¢53Ó35÷‹!QTùCÂ5Ö§Ó`H‚t·‹ í„<¤â[GÓÐ ÖÿCD>¤Tç
b08)%CÓ¼ä3cool smileyú`šQ­„·s’ØLTCõWjšÃX´½Î'®*ˆr°.DÓ‡ÍH™"ÑìÉ@¸ÕÔB2€ ª¢
©™Ö›â#õ¡!zMÚ ¤°ÌG)”­GÓ71éhª!¨<3¥¨l†CA´AŒ 'íbP”"q”G   ÿÿyQdhªgl(C£¨v¸5÷Œ-
ôŒ€Í=#C¬}P‹Õ„v ô8œ;Æf&z ~¡Ê
RCpÝ<xËySȼ‹‘……ž	h¨V
b¹Z€†šFzP   ÿÿ"¦Ê423†Œx[b)B‡\Ê$¥ò026‡LÞ¡pöˆLpSº`4áEKXÏÈÐHÏÐl$0UÀ‰œ%Áý)X‡Î1<ç„ô½ÁÂ¥à4‡Üý+
ƒ;<HÝA¥Ñf1ÁÈ   ÿÿ‚EŽ¡…™ž¹RU®êCúEÐH""‚‚5ûáE`M¦(]k°vÈ\Àh‘Cf†zF 
Í5†JýÃÔÁ0¨T<Æ8,îàщèÊ<+%àüш#!âŒMõ,Lf!ÁW‚>2 )!ù#‚ KO šÀ1°„ÅF$ˆ	©”sËbRà%!|°À)æ    ÿÿ9|1gh ^Š_.Ž¹rĺ H^ËF‚¶Hl´˜³@8È´¥%l8ˆ~q^í   ÿÿ B|QU
7 0 obj
<</FontFile2 13 0 R
/FontName /Calibri
/Flags 32
/ItalicAngle 0
/Ascent 963
/Descent -307
/CapHeight 0
/StemV 0
/Type /FontDescriptor
/FontBBox [-502 -307 1240 963]
/CIDSet 15 0 R
8 0 obj
<</CIDToGIDMap 14 0 R
/Type /Font
/Subtype /CIDFontType2
/W 12 0 R
/FontDescriptor 7 0 R
/BaseFont /Calibri
/CIDSystemInfo <</Registry (Adobe)
/Ordering (Identity)
/Supplement 1
Re: assignment 1
April 22, 2013 11:03AM
I was a little shocked at the strictness that the assignment was marked, and that we lost points for formatting (bold/bullet points etc)
but if you really think about it, the assignment wasn't super difficult, the least we could have done was read the tutorial letter properly.
It is also a fantastic lesson as I make mistakes like this in other subjects and exams (hopefully not this time round)

I am no expert.... but somehow I don't see that you wrote that code.
shocks me that you would even question the 0%....

I am a little worried about the portfolio strictness as I have designed my site (and db) a little differently to what was asked and I also attempted to use classes,
but hope because the site is not as simple, we will be allowed to push the boundaries a little and be a little more creative.
Re: assignment 1
April 22, 2013 01:49PM
You are welcome to make changes here and there to the db structure (what was offered is with purpose, to test and develop skills in how to insert and extract information, so to change everything will result in you not learning essential skills), and to use classes. The latter is encouraged, but as said it is readily evident when you use classes without any understanding, which points at plagiarism. A pre-written class well used and that firs within your logic presented is not plagiarism.

It is strict for one simple reason - specifications are important in Internet development. I also pull in skills learned in previous modules, because ultimately it all has to come together.
Re: assignment 1
April 22, 2013 02:38PM
Really now - questioning the 0% for the above is out of line. Even a none technical person will not understand or make what those lines seeked to achieve.

I'm not particularly worried about the strictness when awarding marks for assignment 1 - my aim is to use the feedback and ensure that i master all that was required. Specification is VERY important as Mac has said, in the work environment there's no chance of being given an opportunity to play around. Guys, you will be expected to deliver and nothing else.
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