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Includes directories

Posted by Kayc78145228 
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Includes directories
September 11, 2013 01:31PM
Hi Prof

1) We are creating a SINGLE config file and put it in the includes directory (includes/config.php).

2) If we use functions, they must be included in the directory (include/functions.php).

The two directories are different (includes and include), i need your confirmation on this. I ask because i dont want the application to fall over and fail to find relevent files when you unzip it onto your server.
Please confirm if the directories are the same or two different directories.
avatar Re: Includes directories
September 11, 2013 04:37PM
Rather put the config.php and function.php in the same folder. Be it include or includes. The app will still work if it is in different folders, you then have to put this at the top of each page:

Language: PHP
include ("includes/config.php"); include ("include/func.php");

So it is much better to have it like this:

Language: PHP
require ("include/config.php"); include ("include/func.php");

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Re: Includes directories
September 12, 2013 08:20AM
Is there a typo in the tut letter? Yes, one directory.
Re: Includes directories
September 12, 2013 08:56AM
I got it, thanx guys. I needed clarity.
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