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Welcome students!

Posted by Mac 
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Welcome students!
January 31, 2013 02:25PM
Hi students!

Welcome to this short course! Why don't you start by telling us a little bit about yourself, and what you would like to take away from this course?

Just reply to this message!
Re: Welcome students!
February 05, 2013 11:53AM
Ok, let me start.

My name is Mathapelo, currently working as a Traffic Controller for a company called STRIATA in Rosebank. I'm responsible for quality checking, proof reading and distribution of all email campaigns i.e newsletters, invitations and promotions. I work along side campaign developers and account managers. I have always been interested in IT but I had to find my passion in it since the IT field is broad. So working along side coders got me fascinated to an extend that I want to be part of their team and to see myself also being able to produce the end product rather than being the one checking the end product.

Working for STRIATA is has been such a great opportunity and in this course I would like to see myself taking in as much knowledge as I could to also see myself getting into the campaign development team. Currently the team it's only male dominated but I'm very keen to try and the company also gave me to opportunity to study this course. We do have female coders but they are in a different department name Integration team and they are my inspiration.

I hope will do well in this course.

Thanks Mathapelo
Re: Welcome students!
February 05, 2013 12:29PM
Hi all

First of all would like to greet the Lecture. To all the Students whom got Accepted With me,Congrats

To tell You a little about my Self I am Working at the Airport as a GSE planner, that’s Ground support Equipment planner. I do daily allocations of all the Equipment that interact with the aircrafts by day. And in my off time I am a volunteer Fire-fighter.

My family has been in the IT field for a very long time and for years I have been using the internet to teach myself about computers till where I am today. My family could not afford to send me to the University for further studying but that did not stop me from Reaching my Goals to be the very best and to achieve many things on the “Square TV’s’” as my Grandmother described it.

So this course is not just a course to me. It’s to Expand my Knowledge on the inn’s and out’s of the Internet and to Create Free websites and Share knowledge to those who is currently in a position where I was. Knowledge and information Needs to be free! After all that’s why the Internet was created for.

I will give my very best in this course. And hope to take away skills to improve tomorrow’s websites and go in a mission to make some Websites Quicker, because by the love-of-internet i will send some websites to go and Fetch my Death, I will never die!
avatar Re: Welcome students!
February 05, 2013 08:05PM
Y'ello All,

I am currently employed by a company called NETEX as a General Manager. I was always fascinated by programming as it lets you create something out of nothing. It gives you a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to see the finished product and you can say that you did it.

I can relate to ShawnC as my parents never had the money to send me off to university or college, but since I left school, I completed a modelling teacher's course, I am a certified hypnotherapist and ethno psychology practitioner as well as a yoga instructor. This said, I also study Psychological counselling with UNISA part time. Knowledge in action is POWER.

I hope to hear a lot of you and I am extremely excited about the course.


Re: Welcome students!
February 06, 2013 08:14PM
Hi Everyone!

My name is Nicole, I am a Graphic Designer/Illustrator.

I enrolled for this course as i would like to expand my knowledge in the coding side of Web Design as most of my work is design orientated. I believe that this course will give me better opportunities in my career.

Looking forward to hearing from you all
Enjoy the course!
Re: Welcome students!
February 06, 2013 10:41PM
Hi All,

My name is Shireen and I am an electrical engineer.

I have always had an interest in web designing but just never had the time to actually learn more about it. I hope that at the end of this course I will be an expert Web designer spinning smiley sticking its tongue out or at least be close to it smile

Good luck to everyone!

Best Regards
Re: Welcome students!
February 07, 2013 08:03PM

I currently work in banking and enrolled for a new challenge. Something fun and exciting.

Looking forward to this course!
Re: Welcome students!
February 08, 2013 02:35PM

I'm here to expand my knowledge into programming.
Re: Welcome students!
February 08, 2013 07:44PM
Hi guys

My name is Helena and I've always been interested in computers.
I studied Information System at CTI last year and now Im here also expand my knowledge in programming world and hopefully get into the IT environment as soon as I've complited this course.
smiling smiley
Re: Welcome students!
February 11, 2013 08:37AM
Re: Welcome students!
February 12, 2013 08:50PM

I'm currently managing a quality assurance team and am actively invovled in the SDLC. I have previously studied HTML about 10 years ago and am looking to refresh my knowledge. I have created a few webpages through the years and dabbled a bit with javascript as well. I'm wanting to use this course as a foundation in reigniting my programming knowledge.
Re: Welcome students!
February 13, 2013 07:28AM
Hi All,

I'm currently working as a web content specialist for a cosmetics company. I'm self taught, so I'm missing a lot of fundamentals. Which is why I have enrolled in this course!

Best of luck to everyone smiling smiley

avatar Re: Welcome students!
February 13, 2013 03:42PM
Hi everyone,

Well my name is Lynzi and I just finished school last yearspinning smiley sticking its tongue out and I'm thinking about going into IT but I haven't made my mind up yet.

I'm going to use this course to see if IT is the best option for me.

Enjoy the rest of your day!
Re: Welcome students!
February 13, 2013 06:59PM

My name is Valeske, I'm currently working on my degree through UNISA while working full time making Websites, I have taught myself to do basic things but I need a better foundation and I think this course will teach me that.
Re: Welcome students!
February 14, 2013 08:00AM
Hello All

I am currently a Tester @ derivco. i Have always been interested in web designing, so i really am looking forward to this course.
Thanks N
Re: Welcome students!
February 14, 2013 10:49PM
Hi all

My Name is Brenda ,working for an IT company as a Data Analyst,am interested in websites what goes on behind it
Re: Welcome students!
February 15, 2013 11:20PM
I'm very glad to get this opportunity. I am in the sales and marketing field and I believe that this course will help create more opportunities. Thank you for allowing me to take part.
Re: Welcome students!
February 16, 2013 04:17PM
Hi everyone

I am Edward,work as a handyman.Thank you for giving me this opportunity to learn more about how Computers communicates.
Re: Welcome students!
February 17, 2013 07:17PM
Hi All
I've just finished a degree in physics and computer science and started working as a sales rep for a company that does web and mobile apps. I registered for this corce so that I would have a better understanding of what I'm selling and maybe help out a bit with development.

Re: Welcome students!
February 18, 2013 01:08PM
Hi I am Andre

Just finished my degree in graphic design and would like to get into web design as well.
Re: Welcome students!
February 19, 2013 04:36PM
Hi there,

My name is Eben and i am working in the open source environment for BMW. I have enrolled on this course seeing that cloud is the next big buzz word and all is web driven!

Re: Welcome students!
February 19, 2013 06:54PM
Hi everyone my name is Andile Nonkwelo. I have studied a marketing management diploma, b2b marketing and electronic marketing which got me interested in web design. I am still having trouble breaking into the marketing scene and I hope this course will assist me in doing so. I want to design my own sites and also probably get a job because of what I've studied.
Re: Welcome students!
February 20, 2013 05:27PM
Hi Everyone

I'm Motlwang working at SABS/NRCS just behind UNISA. I've been interested in developing a website since 2007 for my little business I'm running over weekend
So this its the opportunity to grow my Biz through electronic medium

I wish you all the BEST this semester
Re: Welcome students!
February 24, 2013 11:12AM
I'm Friedrich, working in IT dept of an agricultural company. Our system runs on IBM iSeries server - all programming done in RPG. Looking at integrating with HTML and therfor would like to expand my knowledge in this field.

avatar Re: Welcome students!
February 25, 2013 09:49AM
Hey everyone,

My name is Barry, just matriculated last year (2012) and am very interested in the IT field. Planning on starting my degree in Computer Sciences in the second semester of this year (2013). But because I'm going to be out the country over April, May, and June I thought I'd start off with this course to gain some extra experience in the field.

Best of luck to all my fellow students for this semester smiling smiley
Re: Welcome students!
February 25, 2013 11:58AM
Hi everyone,

My name is Joe, i am self employed. I am going to use this course as a stepping stone to more advanced technical programming.

Best of luck to everyone!!!!!
Re: Welcome students!
February 26, 2013 04:14AM


Re: Welcome students!
February 26, 2013 12:32PM
Hi all.

My name is Rowlan. I am doing this course primarily to be able to learn php (html is a requirement to do the php course). I have created a few websites using wordpress as the base but would like to advance and be able to code them from scratch.

Good luck to all smiling smiley
Re: Welcome students!
March 01, 2013 04:44PM
Hi guys my name is Sipho Mkhwanazi-72903694.

I really like what ShawnC-77917650 posted, I can relate to it. I have always been good in computers, I discovered my talents in year 2006 while in high school, I used to shadow our lab technician and learned a lot. I also was unfortunate enough to have parents who couldn't afford to send me to collage but that did not stop me and everything I know now is self taught from various sources on the Internet.

I completed the "Computers Networks" course with UNISA that gave me recognition at work and helped me start my own IT support business and now am doing this (Internet & Web Applications course with the aim of offering "Web App Design" as some of my services. I must say I love it already funny enough I did java script programming via Code-Academy ,I am already saving up for PHP second semester.

I believe in free computing and free software and I want to contribute to the course so I am also doing the Linux Professional Certification (LPIC) via the Linux Professional Institute LPI and I must say I have officially dumped windows (I am now Open Source).

I cant wait to begin Coding I know most of the stuff in the Internet side and I am reading it only as revision but I must say this author explains soooo much better than my previous (Computer Networks) author.

Re: Welcome students!
March 01, 2013 05:01PM
Open source (GNU/Linux) is here to stay I have huge plans for this course, I cant wait for PHP semester two..smileys with beer
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