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Normalizing in numerical methods

Posted by ArendSimth 
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Normalizing in numerical methods
October 01, 2014 01:32PM
This forum seems kinda dead, but I'll try my luck anyway.

Whenever they ask for X-digit rounding must you always normalize? I'm assuming you must as it is in chapter 1 and in an example in chapter 6. I was in a Whatsapp group and they are all under the impression that you don't need to normalize unless they tell you to.

Bonus question: if you must normalize, must you do it for every operation? I believe so, but again, the group disagreed with me.

Using 4-digit chopping/truncation:

0.22345 - (23.1864 + 6.02065) / 0.00220239

This becomes:

0.2234 - (23.18 + 6.02) / 0.002202
= 0.2234 - 29.2 / 0.002202
= 0.2234 - 13260.67211625795
= 0.2234 - 13260
= -13259.7766
= -13250

This is how I think it should be done. Every number must be normalized before chopping and the same goes for every result of every operation before the next operation takes place.
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