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Internet Browser Inconsistencies

Posted by 33869200 
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Internet Browser Inconsistencies
November 24, 2012 11:39AM
Although my Portfolio has been submitted, I just found that there are major differences in the way my site behaves if I change my web browser from Mozilla Firefox to Internet explorer. I haven't tested it on other browsers yet. I've used Mozilla Firefox to develop my portfolio site and also tested it to be functioning correct with Firefox.

If I access my site with Microsoft Internet Explorer (I use it at the office), I found remarkable differences in the quality of the HTML part and the way the HTML code behaves.

I really hope this will not affect my marks as I am unsure what browser the marker might be using!!

Mac, Maybe if you can comment on this?

Thanks!! smile
Re: Internet Browser Inconsistencies
November 26, 2012 04:50PM
Yes. Browser inconsistency is a major problem, and one of the reasons why many sites state explicitly that they only support browser X version Y. It does not count for much in the course, although it does add to the a mark we award for "overall" experience. Our assumption is that in an earlier module you should have picked up on this. You cannot be failed on this though. That said, remember that the PHP engine renders the result of your code, thus it can in now way affect wgat results are presented - only in the way it is presented. I know all of this, so therefore I can instantly pick up from your code if it is a presentation error by way of the use of HTML (if you chose to go the smart route) or otherwise.
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