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command line

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command line
August 01, 2012 10:37PM
Please help,
I have done all the necessary set-up for the command line,when I type in 'php -v' I do get what's at the bottom of page 20, but when I type in to excecute my php file e.g 'php index.php', I always get a message that says "CLI has stopped working....", Please help
Re: command line
August 02, 2012 08:51AM
I don't understand why you want to use the command line
Re: command line
August 02, 2012 09:49PM
for the first assignment page, I understand that php in the browser ignores things like \n,\r e.t.c, so i'm thinking the only way to echo this characters I should do it in the command line.

your question tells me that I don't have to worry about testing the first assignment page(code), as long as my code shows that I understand how to use those characters, right?
Re: command line
August 03, 2012 07:07AM
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