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Posted by Jackes 
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May 11, 2012 09:39AM
Good day Sir

I received my assignment marks back, and it's not looking good. thumbs down

I have followed the following guidelines and the tutorial letter.

• If there are no links to text files containing the code, but they have sent their code per email, then their final mark is marked down by 50%.

I have links to textfiles

• If neither is present, then just mark the student – I will take a decision.

My code is present

• If the code does not open in a new window, then their final mark is marked down by 20%.

My code is openeing in a new window

• If their code is not commented, then their final mark is marked down by 30%

The code is commented

• If there are no menu links, then their final mark is marked down by 30%

I have menu links

I know that you are not going to check and remark.. Do you have any advice how I can imporve achieve a good portfolio mark?
Re: Improvements
May 11, 2012 03:21PM
No, I will revisit, bu then you have to be sure of your case. I can only recheck on Monday. Hope I remember - send a reminder via email.
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