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Question on portfolio per email answered

Posted by Mac 
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Question on portfolio per email answered
April 05, 2012 08:30AM
1. On clicking the link to page oop4, it opens with a drop down list populated with the users table - code from the class on user.php used to populate?
2. Then, when you select a user from the drop down and click submit, the modified user_find page open with "user known as..., friend id numbers display"
3. The "return" link is to go back to the drop down page (oop4)?
4. We do not change the code in user.php but only modify user_find.php?
Yes. You need to add a drop-down list to the page that provides the options as in the drop-down example. To pass the users selection on the next step, the drop down must be in a form. The form is submitted to the same page (use and if/else statement), passing the $ID. Change the code to give the required result
5. I do not realy understand your tips:
//tip :if form is submitted - what form must be sumitted here?
As described here above. This is not PHP stuff – this is HTML. You need to use your knowledge gained in the first year and last year.
//tip: else show a form with the list of users as shown in the screenshot in Oop4.php below - isn't this the page that initially opens?
Yes, that is why you use an if/else. If nothing was submitted, then the drop down (inside the forum) is shown.
7. From which page do we go to oop5 that contains the friend names and not the id's? Do we add another button to oop4? Obviousely we need the drop down again?
It is the same pages as you had in in oop4. You change the db information, then you need to change the code in user_find.php to reflect the desired outcome.
8. Another student already picked up on the user_friend_id that is duplicated in the code to create the table but you have not yet commented on it in the forum?
I did respond. Read carefully. http://osprey.unisa.ac.za/phorum/read.php?698,165049,165050#msg-165050 Fix it.
Re: Question on portfolio per email answered
April 10, 2012 07:27PM
Hi Mac,

For oop5 you said to change the db information - does that mean only change the data (in other words the information extracted) or the design of the tables as well?
Re: Question on portfolio per email answered
April 12, 2012 07:54AM
Change the data.
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