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Late submissions

Posted by Mac 
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Late submissions
March 22, 2012 02:52PM
It appears some students believe they can submit assignments whenever they like. There are good reasons for a due date (for example, it is government regulated, and I do not have the power to extend it because your submission tells gov you are an active student. Tthe univ gets a subsidy for you being an active student. Without this subsidy, your fees would be x 3 ).

More amazing is the emails I receive up to this day about free web hosting area and mylife problems. Yes, there are problems, and they are solvable if you act in time. For example, if you bother to read the forums you will know you can use any other service. Some students emailed me in time about mylife problems, and I permitted them to submit with another email account. They are responsible. You should start accepting that here are no free rides at university, and it will do you good to adopt a more responsible attitude about your studies.
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