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Testing your assignment

Posted by Mac 
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Re: Testing your assignment
May 18, 2012 01:14PM
Good Bokkie. That is what is required, but I sometimes get the impression not all students are serious about their studies, nor do they read their tut letters sad smiley
Re: Testing your assignment
May 18, 2012 02:02PM
@Sir - I search some more and I fixed the problem. Lol I did a lot of things now I'm not so sure which one really worked, haha (eish, freeweb hosting thou).

@Bokkie - its desktop, but I'm gonna see if I can't integrate it to utilize the internet...as per the hosts, re: log in on the server too, and change minor things so that they can see u were there...I recently got an email telling me my site hasn't received any activity for more than 30 days (this was the week before we ploaded our portfolio, and I logged in constantly) - I'm just trying to add to what our lecturer is saying, They Can't Be Trusted.

GoodLuck to everyone with their respective portfolios - Inshallah!
Re: Testing your assignment
May 18, 2012 02:44PM
Ntsiki whats your email address? we can do some practical projects together if you want.
Re: Testing your assignment
May 19, 2012 06:32AM
@Thato - 45159920@mylife.unisa.ac.za, that would be great
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