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Exam marking scheme/rubric

Posted by Niri 
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Exam marking scheme/rubric
January 13, 2013 03:31PM
Dear Lecturer

I would like to analyse my prepared essays for the INF4820 upcoming exam, and would like to know if you could provide us with further information on the marking scheme.

For IPMCR and IPQEFCR, can you guide us on the maximum mark that will be allocated for each section? I would think the total for each question will be 25 marks, but I would like to know how this 25 marks is further broken down per marking section.

I have tried to work it out from my marked assignment 2, but I am not sure how close my mark in each section came close to the actual required mark.

Thanks in advance.
Re: Exam marking scheme/rubric
January 13, 2013 05:00PM
Following info received from lecturer T van Dyk"

Question 1 [20]
Introduction [0]-[4]
Main Discussion [0]-[10]
Conclusion [0]-[3]
References [0]-[3]

Question 2 [50]
Introduction with a research paper on elderly cellphone use [5]max
Has a problem statement [3]max
Questionnaire: Completed [15]max
Extra questions identified (or questions modified): [2]max
Identify and teach a function and discussion of the process: [15]max
Conclusion [0]-[5]
References [0]-[5]
avatar Re: Exam marking scheme/rubric
January 13, 2013 07:29PM
Thanx!! I was also wondering about that one. Especially for the first question that is also asked in the exams.
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