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Exam preps ?

Posted by Vampyre 
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Exam preps ?
April 28, 2012 02:58PM
So exams are few weeks away, how are the preps going ?

My second attempt at this exam damn it was a cracker last semester wowzer! want to make 100% sure I nail it , anyone started with the past papers ? And what's the experience so far ?
Re: Exam preps ?
April 30, 2012 09:29AM
I think i have bwosed some of the questions , and i have realised that these question papaers they have the same concepts.
avatar Re: Exam preps ?
April 30, 2012 11:47AM
Passing it isn't going to do me a huge amount of good, anyway, so this course has shifted as far down my priority list as my right to hope that tomorrow will somehow be better than today has fallen. I'll give it a good go, but I'm not going to burn out trying to do the impossible.

It's a weeder course, and I pretty much consider myself weeded. Pity it has to happen in third year. I could've had a lot of parties in the time it took to arrive here. C'est la vie, right?

I think I might be able to manage a major in INF if my next "best shot" fails. Just get that piece of paper and take the next step from there.

Yes, but anyway, Jan/Feb 2010 Q1: Facade or Adapter? I was inclined to think "Facade" last year, but actually Adapter doesn't look that bad. This is probably the best shot we have of gaining something from discussing the past papers: Be specific; try to "tunnel in" to the underlying principles of those specific questions. At least we can try to walk away from this with some irrelevant knowledge that way, eh?
Re: Exam preps ?
April 30, 2012 12:44PM
@cheten, yeah their close but some tricky as hell,

@eddie : lol dude, this is my last subject ! then im done ... yet the one that gave me the most hell this semester i seem to understand it a bit better than last, the lecturers seem to be very helpfull .

Think im going to start at 2011 paper(the one that screwed us) and then move back only concentrating on the sections highlighted in the exam tutorials.

lol last year we had a good online run at the questions on here lets see if we get something going this year.
Re: Exam preps ?
April 30, 2012 12:51PM
With this question - the adapter design pattern is the most appropriate. Considering that different there is no unified interface to all these companies , A, B, C
they have to have their own type of displaying this data.(Unless if it was stated that there is a unified interface)- the interface looks axactly the same from airline A,B... So the facade is out .
Seondly, these airlines are nit supposed to change any data, just reading and displaying .
Thirdly, All the major airlines provide their own interfaces ( as stated).
The design pattern that interacts with available interface - the adapter. Though the facade interacts with subsystems, to me I was looking at the unified interface so that i am convinced that it is the facade apttern.
avatar Re: Exam preps ?
April 30, 2012 01:13PM
@ cheten. Thanks. (I presume you meant to say "adapter" in that last sentence, but had a little slip). Yes, I reckon that's right. These are pre-existing interfaces, not subsystems (I don't think).

Presumably to qualify as a "subsystem" it would have to be within your own app (rather than from outside)? Not so sure about that one.

@ vampyre. Yes, we did give it quite a good go, eh? No harm done, then. Theoretically it's my last, too, but I'm not doing it again. If I can't pull off this exam, that's it. Hello INF. (I'm also chipping away at more maths modules - with plans to torture myself with 5 next semester if possible, but have no real idea what I'd do with those in practical terms yet.)

Edit. Yes I found out about the assistance offered sort of half way. I suppose I should've joined in then, but I'd already decided it's almost a hopeless cause, regardless. I mean whatever happens now, there's that fail against my name from back then, isn't there? It's not as if it's possible to repair that kind of damage.
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