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smile BCOM 1st yr (Acc, Bus) & BSC 1st & 2nd year Computer, Maths, Chem, Physics books for sale

Posted by ildsarria 
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avatar smile BCOM 1st yr (Acc, Bus) & BSC 1st & 2nd year Computer, Maths, Chem, Physics books for sale
February 14, 2015 02:32PM
BSC 1st year books:

Computer Science/Physics/Chemistry
R100 Structured Computer Organisation A Tanenbaum, ISBN 0-13-020435-8
R150 An Introduction to Design Patterns in C++ with QT4, A Ezust and P Ezust ISBN 0-13-187905-7
R200 Physics 7th Edition, Cutnell & Johnson, ISBN 0-471-66315-8 13 978-0-471-66315-7
R100 Chemistry 7th Edition, Zumdahl ISBN 13: 978-0-618-52844-8 ISBN 10: 0-618-52844-XR100 Organic Chemistry International Edition, J Gorzynski Smith, ISBN: 13:978-0-07-111662-6 ISBN 10: 0-07-111662-1
R100 Biochemistry 2nd Edition I Halkerston ISBN 0-471-85554-5

BCOM 1st year
R150 Introduction to Business Management 8th Edition, GS du Toit, BJ erasmus, JW Strydom ISBN 978 0 19 599251 9
R200 Accounting an introduction J Kew, C Mettler, T Walker, A Watson ISBN 0 19 578018 3
R150 General Principles of Commercial Law 7th Edition, P Havenga, M Having, E Hurter, R Kelbrick, E Manamela, T Manamela, H Schulze, P Stoop ISBN 978-0-7021-8514-4

Applied Maths 2nd year module APM2614:
R250 Introduction to Dynamic Systems Theory, Models & Applications by DG Luenberger ISBN0-471-02594-1

Below books are free with any of the above
Mathematics Volume 1 I Dawbardn
Mathematics Grade 10 Xkit Exam Preparation Kit - Pearson
Accounting Grade 10 Xkit Exam Preparation Kit - Pearson
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