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Books for Sale - Very cheap - 1st to 3rd Year BSc

Posted by Mona 
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avatar Books for Sale - Very cheap - 1st to 3rd Year BSc
February 24, 2012 12:10PM

I still have some of the books available:

COS1512/COS112V Problem solving with C++, Savitch, 7th Edition R 350.00 SOLD
COS1521/COS113W Foundations of computer Science, Forouzan, 2nd Edition R 350.00 Still available
INF1059/INF1505 Fundementals of business information systems, Stair R 300.00 SOLD
COS2601/COS201V Introduction to computer theory, Cohen, 2nd Edition R 400.00 SOLD
COS2626/COS2269 Network +, Guide to networks, Tamara Dean, 5th Edition R 350.00 SOLD
COS2661/COS261C Language, proof and logic, J Barwise R 500.00 Still available
COS2611/COS211X Data structures using C++, Malik, 2nd Edition R 350.00 SOLD
COS2621/COS2213 Computer organisation & architecture, 8th Edition R 350.00 SOLD
ICT2621 & ICT2622 Systems analysis & design in a changing world, J Satzinger, 5th Edition R350.00 Still available
COS3701 Introduction to computer theory, Cohen, 2nd Edition R 400.00 SOLD
INF3703/INF303D Database systems, design, implementation and management, Rob, Int Ed R 500.00 Still available
INF3708/INF308J Software project management, Hughes, 5th Edition R 400.00 SOLD
FAC1502 About financial accounting, Vol 1, 3rd Edition R 250.00 Still available
MNB1501 Introduction to Business management, Du Toit, 7th Edition R 300.00 Still available
MAT1503/MAT103N Elementary Linear algebra, Anton, 9th Edition R 250.00 SOLD
STA1510/STS1055 Mind on statistics, Utts, 3rd Ed, Int Student Ed R 250.00 Still available
COS1501/COS101S Discrete mathematics, Ensley R 250.00 Still available
INF1520/INF1208 Design of everyday things, D A Norman R 150.00 Still available

Email me on 45755124@mylife.unisa.ac.za or reply to this post.
All prices include postage!
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