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Need inspiration to study

Posted by RiaanR 
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avatar Need inspiration to study
January 04, 2012 10:58AM
Need inspiration to start studying for this module...any takers?
Re: Need inspiration to study
January 05, 2012 08:32PM
I have an easy one, or two! You want more money, study hard. You want to save money (studies are costing me a lot of money these days) passed the freaken module!
Re: Need inspiration to study
January 07, 2012 08:09PM
Just to add on the last post. To study this sucker is a real brain killer. How do you memorize 7 essays in a few days before the exam. Ouch! eye popping smiley
Re: Need inspiration to study
January 09, 2012 07:21PM
How Is the exam prep going? Little tuff this side, but hope for best thumbs up smiley
avatar Re: Need inspiration to study
January 10, 2012 09:28AM
I did this module in 2010.
Oh boy there was a lot of work and preparations I had to put into writing those essays.
I must've edited and re-edited each of those 7 essays a zillion times until each of those 7 essays were scaled down to roughly about 4 to 4,5 pages.

Took me about 5 days to swot all 7 essays.
When I walked into that exam hall I felt relieved I knew each one of those 7 essays off by heart.
There will be no time to fumble in the exams, so learn those essays off by heart.

I spent about 40 minutes writing each essay and was done in 160 minutes.
Re: Need inspiration to study
January 10, 2012 09:14PM
@ Cherokee
I wrote the module today. Damn! It is so difficult to write so fast. This was brute force writing at its best! Used every minute, and finished in the nic of time thumbs up smiley

My first essay I wrote 2 days ago, just to realize that most of them is to big, and I all scaled them down that nigth. I went though those eassays about 10 times in 7 days. I also knew them of by hard, some of them were about 80% (forgot small things here and there). But ja, such a big relieve to know it is al over. I believe I will pass smileys with beer , and also good luck to the other guys.

Very nice module indeed, but I'm a little fed up with all the impairments in the world, I feel like a doctor or somebody smoking smiley
avatar Re: Need inspiration to study
January 11, 2012 09:31AM
haha .... I felt like that too after I walked out of that exam - more like a Doctor, Social Worker, Psychologist
and an Occupational & Remedial therapist all bundled in one grinning smiley

That's cool you done; it's not difficult to get 75+ provided you stick to the topic and provide valid content.

Essay writing is my forte' and I also write very fast at the same time keeping my writing neat & legible.

OTOH I really suck at drawing diagrams, especially those flowchart, DFD types. I always run out of
space and draw some objects on the next page - my diagrams look horrible & I'm sure the lecturer
must've taken a Valium or two when marking my diagrams in the exams smile
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