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Essay question for Exam feedback for Assignment 2

Posted by sunbrat 
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Essay question for Exam feedback for Assignment 2
September 15, 2011 06:38PM

I submitted my assignment and expected a detailed reply on my essay and I got a bad mark and the only comments received are add sub-headings Introduction and Body above the paragraph.

I expected some feedback like off the topic or lacking something or something contructive that I can improve on.

I Chose the Down Syndrome topic.

Anyone else choose this topic and is up for a discussion.
Re: Essay question for Exam feedback for Assignment 2
September 16, 2011 04:11PM
I wrote on autism, haven't got my assignment back yet, but got a v good mark. Sounds from the comments made that perhaps you weren't off topic but maybe needed better structure. How you put forward your essay and arguments at this level is quite important, as is referencing multiple sources, I think they would have said if you were off topic. How bad was your mark?
Re: Essay question for Exam feedback for Assignment 2
October 13, 2011 01:54PM
Hi it was very bad for my liking, 68%. confused smiley sad smiley

I would like to improve the mark but my structure seemed fine to me as I had distinct paragraphs per topic discussed and an introduction and conclusion.
I am not sure as to what is expected and this is my first time with distant studying through UNISA as I did my degree through full time studies at UKZN previously.
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