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confused smiley Where to from here??

Posted by snymanth 
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confused smiley Where to from here??
December 06, 2011 06:41AM
Hi All / Dr. Mac

I would like to find out which courses you can suggest to further ones skills in maybe PHP or in general web (application) design?

My opinion is that a good web developer requires skills in multiple technologies that complement each other. Is it perhaps worth it to learn some Javascript? Java? Which technologies do you think are the most powerful and has a lot of potential?

Which courses can you suggest? Which courses according to you would build on what we've learned in this course?
confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
December 06, 2011 08:07AM

Maybe try looking at cakephp. and most def some javascript thumbs up
avatar confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
December 06, 2011 09:14AM
Hi Snymanth,

Do you have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript or CSS ?

Those are a must in my opinion.

To be able to build a web page layout you will need HTML and CSS, PHP isn't like .NET you don't just have to know how to do back-end coding you need
to know front end to.

HTML and CSS will help you build layouts and designs for your application.

JavaScript will help you with all the extra cool functionality, validation of fields without reloading the page... Ajax which is awesome... Be able to
manipulate field values, selections e.t.c

When companies look for PHP guys they don't just see if you know PHP you also need JavaScript and CSS and definitely HTML.

You can't expect another developer to do the HTML, CSS and JavaScript for you, you have to do it yourself.

Java is a complete different language from PHP and isn't as easy.... You have to decide if you want to futher your career with PHP or Java....

You need to learn either one properly till you comfortable to build applications with either one, this doesn't mean you shouldn't learn Java it just means
you have to prioritize one of them. smiling smiley

Wish you all the best thumbs up

student no: 77315138
avatar confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
December 11, 2011 06:31AM
Agreed, I would focus on php even more there is still much to learn. Javascript /ajax -very cool.
My current workplace is very microsoft focused so im being pushed towards asp.net and the whole visual studio eviroment
What do you guys think of a BSC or Btech?.... 95% percent of any developer positions have this as a requirement
confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
December 11, 2011 05:20PM
You now understand the basics of PHP. The practical ensured that - trust me. Enter info into a database, extract it, manipulate it, update it, delete it. The rest is how you put it together. Logic sets you apart. Writing 15 lines of codes in 5 and fitting it together. That said, there is nothing wrong with 15 lines to help you develop your logic. The difference is milliseconds in execution, and for the most part, the user will not even be aware of the time it takes to execute.

Where you go from here requires building more and more advanced apps yourself, in your spare time, for companies or individuals, and presenting that as experience in a CV. No qualification will ensure an automatic appointment. Experience does. Most companies, however, will train you in appointment.

Do you need to know Java Script and Ajax (the latter very important)? Yes and no. Using logic (that you have learned now), you can use pre-written scripts and adapt it to your purposes. You do not have to be able to code from scratch - although being able to do so is obviously and advantage. I have written lots of apps using Ajax, using classes I have downloaded. I would not consider myself an Ajax warrior. I do not have to be, because I focus on PHP

When you work in a team environment, OO is important. But it is difficult to understand - and teach. It is where most of our degree students also struggle. But you can teach yourself - there is more than enough resources available on the net. And you NEVER arrive. I believe in PHP for the web. It is the 4th biggest language, and still growing. It is also the youngest of all languages. Enough said.

Be prepared to spend time on the net, in forums, for support. I tried to push that skill/commitment in this course. Fellow programmers are your friends. The same principle applies when you learn to play guitar.
confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
January 18, 2012 07:26AM
Thx a lot for the advice guys. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this course and look forward to further my experience and knowledge in PHP.

Mac which forums out there can you recommend? That's now apart from this brilliant forum. smile
confused smiley Re: Where to from here??
January 18, 2012 09:31AM
Tjo....saw my results and am ok with them (passed), am trying a CMS site for someone, and realised there is still a lot you learn even after this course. I think we must just develop applications that do everything, Php image galleries, php e-commerce scripts, CMS site - blogs etc and the much dreaded OOP. Then in time familiarise with Wordpress and Magento etc.
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