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deleting multiple students

Posted by PeterJ 
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avatar deleting multiple students
September 26, 2011 09:49PM
Ok I have an array with the sno 's that i want to delete from the student table
I cant seem to get it to delete the buggers
Let me show what ive been trying

Here I thought i would implode the array and insert the multiple sno's string into the delete query
using the IN operator

The IN operator allows you to specify multiple values in a WHERE clause.
I thought this was pretty neat.. smiling smiley

Language: PHP
$types = array();   while(($row = mysql_fetch_array($sno_query))) { $types[] = $row[';sno';]; }   $keys = implode(",", $types);   $sql = "DELETE FROM student WHERE sno IN (';".$keys."';)";

Doesnt work sad smiley
Then I thought let me try delete each student with each loop

Language: PHP
$types = array();   while(($row = mysql_fetch_array($sno_query))) { $types[] = $row[';sno';]; $sql = "DELETE FROM student WHERE sno = ';".$row[';sno';]."';";   }

no luck either
What am i missing here?.....
it makes sense to me... :p Ive also checked the queries in phpmyadmin
cause by golly ive googled and i cant seem to get this one
Re: deleting multiple students
September 27, 2011 07:53AM
Language: PHP
$count_array = count($Day); //$Day is the array for($i=0; $i < $count_array; $i++){ $day=$Day[$i]; mysql_query("DELETE FROM xxxx WHERE day=';$day'; "); }
avatar Re: deleting multiple students
September 27, 2011 09:01PM
Thanks Mac, making sure I back this piece up, seems it can be used in many other situations
My MC1 and MC2 are now complete smiling smiley
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