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Ass Q6

Posted by dve83 
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Ass Q6
March 21, 2011 11:45AM
Hi, I feel stupid, I think i've asked something about every question from 4 onwards smile

ok, here goes. The A/B game on page 197, last question of the assignment. I drawn the states,

I can see that with optimal moves, player A will win always. If not playing optimally, B might win as well.

Ive got total of 11 states, of which two are terminal states on for B winning and one for A winning. I also have two loop states.

have you guys got something similar?

and now for the real question: I have to assign minimax values... what kind of values do you assign..? should we just think up our own, based on the optimality of the moves?


If it leads to a win, make it 1000, else 10?
not sure how they want us to do here.

Danie van Eeden
Re: Ass Q6
March 22, 2011 10:11AM
ok, my head seems to have messed around with me.

the +1 and -1 IS the actual Min Max Values from A's perspective and can be used for each branch. If you branch to a WIN the value = 1, if you branch to LOSS the value is -1.

Danie van Eeden
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