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assignment 1 marks

Posted by wishblade 
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assignment 1 marks
August 30, 2011 03:55PM

Anyone had any feedback yet from Assignment 1? Was just wondering (before panicking smiling smiley ) as I submitted mine with some time to spare, and I haven't received any marks or feedback as yet... Thought I would check if anybody else has yet, or if I should start make that call...
avatar Re: assignment 1 marks
August 30, 2011 04:13PM
I seem to remember Mac once saying that he waits until they're all in before setting about establishing the standard and then marking. Other lecturers may well use the same basic method.

If so, don't hold your breath. The due date has now shifted to tomorrow, so the marking will only begin next week.

And it's not the markers fault that the post office strike has delayed things this way. I certainly wouldn't go clogging the system with aggravations like "that letter" any time soon.
Re: assignment 1 marks
August 31, 2011 10:44AM
Yep, thought as much... I only saw the shift in the due date after you mentioned it.

But thanks for clarifying though. I just thought to check rather than sit back and assume that all is fine (and then potentially it isn't).
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