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Amount of work

Posted by BenVP 
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avatar Amount of work
April 12, 2011 04:41PM
Just finished the Self Assessment assignments, there is so much info to go through!
Hopefully the exam won't be too difficult. eye rolling smiley

Assignment A wasn't too bad,
but Assignment B took forever to complete.
It gave me a headache and writer's cramp.

Mr Aron said the solutions to these questions will be uploaded on or before 18th April.
Just in case anyone was wondering.
Re: Amount of work
April 13, 2011 08:55AM
i'm dreading the calculations more than anything.
Just wondering-will we all still support each other during exam prep? like maybe posting questions that we're stuck with?
avatar Re: Amount of work
April 13, 2011 09:57AM
There weren't too many calculation examples in the textbook, so hopefully it will be the same for the exam.
At least we don't have to worry about shadows and their calculations - gave me gray hairs.

Sounds like a good idea...
Re: Amount of work
May 06, 2011 08:31PM
Hi Guys

Have a look at tutorial letter 102 from pages 10 till 18 I think show you all the maths I believe you need to know.

Do any of you have any sample exam, because otherwise I might just email the lecture and ask for some to get a idea of the mark allocation and type of questions.
Re: Amount of work
May 06, 2011 09:51PM
Check the extra resources on myunisa

Don't be different...be the one making a difference
Re: Amount of work
May 11, 2011 08:17PM
i was very relieved when I read through them...I'm feeling 5% less stressed
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