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Exam Post Mortem

Posted by BenVP 
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avatar Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 06:14PM
I found the exam too long, was rushing like a mad bull to finish in time!
Left question 1 for last, only wrote a few lines, had 4 minutes left!

I think there was a error with the following question:
...calculate whether the above request for P2....can be granted or not.

I found P2 requesting more than its need, threw it out. But the question was for 6 marks!
I'm sure they wanted a different process, unless I made a mistake with the need array.
Can anyone confirm?

What did supprise me was the allocation, they added things to the 6Q's which wasn't in the past exam to make it count 100.
But that's UNISA for you.
Otherwise the paper was OK.

How did you guys find it?
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 06:30PM
I found the exam very nice, had plenty of time, but then I didn't write too much on the discussion type questions.
Almost messed up badly on Q2, mixed myself up with the formula for turnaround time, but went back and corrected it.
Think I did ok. Not expecting the best marks, but hopefully it is a pass at least.
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 08:33PM
i found the exam super nice, i only did the practiccal side and didnt even write a single line of the theory part.
3 down and only one left to complete my degreesmile

In a long journey, even a matchstick is heavy...
Anonymous User
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 09:05PM
@Ben - I agree, the exam was way too long. And I spent more time on Q2 than I should have; I messed up my RR Gantt chart (only realised when finishing it that the quantum is 4, and I used 1!). But at least I finished just in time. I was quite clueless about Q6, and had to do a bit of guesswork on the other theory questions, but I'll pull through on the practical ones - thank goodness for that!

I agree with you on the request at P2 where they allocated 6 marks, but the request is less than the need so it cannot be granted (surely this is only worth 2 marks?) If it is a mistake, they'll probably give us the mark.

I'm just really glad it's over. Tomorrow is the thriller they call COS261, and on Tuesday CSS101, then I'm done!
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 09:10PM
BenVp, I also found P2 requesting more than it's need. Thought I screwed it up but glad to hear you had the same result (Anyone else get this). It was a one liner for 6 marks IMO. Theory was terrible. I planned on spotting using previous papers as there was just far too much to learn. Also forgot the formula's for turnaround and waiting time, but think I managed to guess them right. Serves me for trying to mentally study the examples without writing them down.
avatar Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 09:17PM
I never allow myself to reflect too much on the details of the exam. If at all possible I want to spend a little bit of time under the illusion that I've passed, you see.

I ran out of time, too. Got through the most of the prac, and probably passed - which has been my best hope for all the courses this semester, unfortunately. I reckon I passed, even realistically speaking, though. I won't try to justify that idea in depth just in case I go and burst my bubble, though.

Water under the bridge. One more to go (Formal Logic 3). I'll postpone the start of that big adventure till tomorrow, I reckon. Hope you all get what you hoped for/ don't get what you've dreaded for the course.
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 09:39PM
i had the same problem for Q2 the last point about the P2.... got so stressed that I messed up something or forgot a formula....
I also found the exam very long and didn't like Q4 (the algorithm determination a<b<0 .....) never got to understand that one and here it was in the exam.... also had a bit of confusion with the RR quantum=4 and for Q1 somehow I got so confused between multithreading, multiprocessing,processors, MtM .... not sure if what i gave as an answer was what they wanted..... any way everything is over, all it is left is to wait for the results....
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 11:02PM
Hi there, I also had the same prob wid Q2, had to double check my need vector cos I too was baffled how the question was worth 6 marks for only one line. I didn't even attempt any theory, left it for last minute and just didn't get back to it. I messed up the alpha and beta quest. Hope I passed. I got one more to go too, COS3761 aka Formal Logic 3 on Wed and dats it for dis semester. Hope all went well. I really wanna complete my degree end of this year.
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 11:06PM
So I guess to all those that , like me is spending the entire weekend preparing for Formal Logic. Guess I'll be "seeing" url in the Formal Logic forum
avatar Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 26, 2011 11:21PM
Glad that this module is over with. Just think we get 4 bonus marks for 2 marks work.
As for the theory - it could have been worse spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Me I'm now done with my degree, just need to wait for the results grinning smiley
Will be going to visit my home country Austria for a month - sick of being cold!

Anyway, good luck everyone with the rest of your exams.
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 27, 2011 08:37AM
No, this weekend I spend preparing for APM371 - Numerical Analysis.
Not doing formal logic, but after Monday, one more exam at end of year, then that's also me hopefully finished!
Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 27, 2011 11:00AM
Wow, congrats Ben - I have yet another semester filled wid advanced programing, artificial intelligence, and the 2 compulsory INF courses for software engineering stream. Um, if you have any stuff on advanced programming, or artificial intelligence or database design please will you email me: 44526369@mylife.unisa.ac.za
avatar Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 27, 2011 12:21PM

Thanks man
P.S. have sent you something, enjoy grinning smiley
avatar Re: Exam Post Mortem
May 27, 2011 02:03PM
@ShawnGVW: That's the follow-on from Numerical Methods I in COS, right? Is it significantly more difficult? (Someone said the lecturer said it was at about the same level of difficulty, but I'm not buying that).

Another thing: Number of people writing? At Durban Unisa building there were just 5 places, with 3 occupied. From what I've heard that's probably not a good reflection on actual numbers doing the course in this area. Looks like the clever folk have found better exam venues. What are the numbers like in your regions? (Tazz excepted. We all know Tazz has a monopoly in Tongaat. smile )
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