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Exact due date for Assignment 1

Posted by Lo 
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Exact due date for Assignment 1
March 03, 2011 04:43PM
Hi guys

Can anyone clarify what exactly is assignment due date for cos3721 because I have seen 07th of March and 14th March so I am confused which was is correct.

avatar Re: Exact due date for Assignment 1
March 03, 2011 05:01PM
Well if you take a "vote" on it 7 Mar is going to win. It's the first date given in the TL, it's the date given on top of the assignment in the TL, and it's the date you'll find on myUnisa.

The only place the 14th appears is the box that says ... :

Due to regulations by the Department of National Education, students must meet the following
deadline for this module:
SEMESTER 1: Submit Assignment 01 BEFORE or on 14 March 2011.

If you read it carefully you'll see that this is of the nature of an explanatory note, rather than a directive. "Because the Dept of Education has done this to us ... " simply explains why the assignment is utterly critical. Note that the word BEFORE is in capitals.

I would say the safest is to go with 7 Mar. If that's going to be tough for you, contact the lecturers. Maybe they'll make some kind of exception for you, just because they'd like you to have a shot at passing this.

Well that's my opinion, anyway.

Looks like some lecturers are popping into myUnisa, so if you're shy a last resort would be to post the question there.
Re: Exact due date for Assignment 1
March 03, 2011 05:26PM
You may never know some people can be so special out there to get those exceptions.
Thanks very much. I would rather play safe!!
avatar Re: Exact due date for Assignment 1
March 04, 2011 12:27PM
Good luck!

I think you'll find that the lecturers really do want you to succeed. If nothing else it's a measure of their success at setting up the course in such a way as to get through to you, and bring you enlightenment.
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