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2011 exam tutorial

Posted by mfanawethu 
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2011 exam tutorial
November 04, 2010 04:21PM
Help! hot smileyhow do you prepare for exam in this module looking at this high volume of work and secondly the exam tutorial is not out yet.
avatar Re: 2011 exam tutorial
November 05, 2010 09:32AM
reading the text book in the bath

  ,= ,-_-. =.
 ((_/)o o(\_))
  `-'(. .)`-'
Entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
January 10, 2011 08:20AM
man, this is a bucketload of work
i made basic tree type views of each chapter, just to get an overview of the sections and how they fit together, this has made me feel a bit more in control.

honestly, if i can get just 50 for this exam, and make up marks to make it to Masters via other subjects, i'll be happy.
avatar Re: 2011 exam tutorial
January 26, 2011 10:59AM
Is this module just difficult because of the volume or is the content hard to grasp as well?
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 06, 2011 07:44PM
Work load is bad if you look at it from a lazy point of view. If you go through the assignments, you will actually see where the main focus of the work load is. "Jy moet maar jou sokkies op trek, Hoor!"
It is a very fun module actually, try something like cos408 and cos405 (freakin nightmare!). I'll study any time cos430! thumbs up smiley
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 13, 2011 03:07PM
This is my 40th Module, I've passed all with good results, but this one freaks my bean.
The volume is huge. My rule of thumb for difficult volume modules... learn the Assignments themselves.
repetitio est mater studiorum
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 16, 2011 02:02PM
I've got a tree based layout of each chapter on seperate pages on a pdf. The goal is to break down the concepts logically before you learn the intricacies so that you have an overall view first. Inbox or @gmail.com if interested
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 16, 2011 10:03PM
Hi jxharding. I am interested. May you please e-mail it to me at nka159 at yahoo.com
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 17, 2011 05:08PM
Re: 2011 exam tutorial
February 20, 2011 08:34PM
To cover this much pages of work is really a bomber. The assignments are definitely a big help. It gives you an idea what to expect in the exam. But you have to make some extensive, not too detailed notes to capture additional information which may be asked in the exam. But the problem is: what do you include, and what do you not? spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

But in my overall opinion, I think (and hope) that the examiner will not try to catch us out, but rather test our overall understanding of what we have learn in this module. Hopefully not too much of that detailed nitty gritty innner working questions will be asked. It usually eats up some of the very important marks needed to pass the exam.

But still, at the end, to study and get as much important info from 900 pages as possible, is also "freaking my bean!". eye popping smiley

My last subject to write to cover 2010. I prepared well for this exam (in my opinion), and I hope it is going to enough to pass this bugger. Good luck to you all, and thumbs upthumbs up smiley
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