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Past exam papers ?

Posted by carla 
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Past exam papers ?
October 08, 2006 02:32PM
Hi ,
Does anyone out there have any past exam papers for INF320 ? If yes would you mind sharing?

If anyone may need past papers for other modules which I may have done, mail me randells@yebo.co.za and if I have past papers I will let you have them.

Anonymous User
Re: Past exam papers ?
October 10, 2006 07:20PM
Its weird that we were not given a past exam paper to see how its structured...anyone kind enough to e-mail me one..please!!!@ fabdrea@yahoo.com
Re: Past exam papers ?
October 19, 2006 09:29PM
well there is a PDF document with some "example exam questions" in the osprey downloads directory for inf320-e. plus, the tutorial letters 202 and 203 (i dont think 201 has it) have a section describing the basic structure of the exam. but yeah; a past exam paper would be nice confused smiley

what i'd like to know, though, is precisely what we need to study from our textbook. i imagine it would be chapters 1 - 14 excl. 4, however in the aforementioned exam structure section they wrote a list of topics which are covered in the exam. notably absent from this list are topics such as: observing users, testing and modelling users, asking experts, ethnography and user-approaches to interaction design, etc... does that mean anything? or is the list irrelevant? guess i shouldn't be asking this kind of stuff four days before the exam :/
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