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HELP: May prottype be in Visual basic .exe??

Posted by francoisdt 
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HELP: May prottype be in Visual basic .exe??
June 05, 2006 08:12AM
I'm a computer programmer and one thing of the prototype I'm
not sure of and battleing with is that if we have to display
possible options and results for a search our program needs
to read and write from a database of records.
I assume we cannot and not allowed to write sql queries in a program
and embed calls to the database.

So we then have to build "dummy" web pages - displaying dummy data
that is hardcoded in the application?

May I use VB for my prototype or Delphi then I can compile
into an .exe. I'n not used to use Dreamweaver - has downloaded it two weeks ago and still struggling just to display data
without read and access a result from an ADO connection that do not
have any actual data. Please help. and advise here.

This prototype delay my submittance all other questions are already answered two weeks ago

Francois du Toit
Anonymous User
Re: HELP: May prottype be in Visual basic .exe??
June 05, 2006 04:47PM
You will get a faster sppedy response if you send this query to the module email / lecturers directly.INF320@osprey.unisa.ac.za. Please update us with the response.
Re: HELP: May prottype be in Visual basic .exe??
June 07, 2006 09:32AM
From the lectures:
You are welcome to use VB or Delphi. The program should not do any real data processing. It should just represent the interface and illustrate how users will interact with it.

Helene Gelderblom
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