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Extension of assignment 2

Posted by Mac 
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Extension of assignment 2
May 30, 2006 10:32AM
Dear students,

an extension of two weeks for assignment 2 is fine. Just submit your assignment as soon as you can and include a note to explain the circumstances. Also remember that this forum is primarily intended for students to communicate with each other. If you need to communicate with the lecturer urgently, please send email directly to me.

Kind regards,
Linda Miller
Anonymous User
Re: Extension of assignment 2
July 03, 2006 01:12PM
Dont we need assignment 2 marked before we can do assignment 3?
avatar Re: Extension of assignment 2
July 03, 2006 02:50PM
Not to add fire to the flame, but it would be nice to have the results of Assignment 2, before assignment 3 due date.
I have no Idea what I did in assignment 2 was right or not, and If I submit Assignment 3 without knowing what I did wrong in assignment 2, I might make the same mistakes again, and who knows, not even get my needed 100 credits.
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