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2011 Exam
February 09, 2011 10:04PM
Good luck to everyone writing tomorrow. After 15 hours of prep for the day. . .I can really do with a bed now. Just need about two hours tomorrow for final touch ups on exception and event handling, than set, hopefully a pass. smile
Re: 2011 Exam
February 11, 2011 04:34PM
How did you find the exam? I wanted to cry when i saw that thing........

were you able to do the question about the left derivation of that gramar?? iyo i struggled so much and yet that was 1 of my best sections during preparation :-( and what happened to good old tracing the program when parameters are passed by ref, value, result etc. i was looking forward to all those things......

Re: 2011 Exam
February 11, 2011 07:58PM
Ja well. smileI don't want to sound like a study geek, but the exam went well for me. The left derivation of that grammar went well, although I had to write my fingers off to finish it. But what bug me was the parse tree. I had the correct idea about it at the end of the exam, but I was to crazed to finished it. The beginning of the tree was not complete, but the end of the tree, which was the major part, I manage to finish up correctly.

The other bomber was the Java like questions. spinning smiley sticking its tongue outI did Java three-four years ago. So I really had to push my memory to get some of the answers.

Some of the questions was to general "pop quiz" for me. You really had to have some luck to answer them all well.

But overall, it went well.

Definitely beter than cos408 three days ago.moody smiley
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