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Due date for assignment 4

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Due date for assignment 4
September 03, 2010 10:20AM
Hi all.

What is the correct due date for assignment 4?

According to the study notes it is 15 October 2010.

According to myUnisa it is 30 September 2010.

Two weeks makes a huge difference.

Louis Engelbrecht
Re: Due date for assignment 4
September 03, 2010 12:00PM
Hey Louis.
As far as I understand you got up until 15 October to complete the project (a little extension for us). Its really needed in my case.
I have just finished ass 3 now. Some of the questions are a real head banger! The project counts 40% towards our year mark. If you put alot of evert into ass 4, it will definitely help to push up the year mark (like in my case!)

So. . . .good luck!
avatar Re: Due date for assignment 4
October 15, 2010 04:10PM
I checked with the lecturer. The due date is the 15 October.

Apparently there is some limitation in the myUnisa configuration that makes it impossible to set up a due date later than the 30th September, so the lecturer was forced to set up myUnisa like this.
But nevertheless the due date is the 15 October (today)

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