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Previous exam papers

Posted by Carl 
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Previous exam papers
October 26, 2006 04:07PM
Does anybody have previous exam papers for this module?
Re: Previous exam papers
October 30, 2006 02:11PM
I wish a lecturer would read these posts and provide some answers to our queries. Bit late on this post as we write on Friday. I have mailed the lecturers some questions before and received no answers.
avatar Re: Previous exam papers
November 01, 2006 10:54PM
jeremyg wrote:
>I wish a lecturer would read these posts and provide some answers
>to our queries. Bit late on this post as we write on Friday. I
>have mailed the lecturers some questions before and received no

I'm finding it very rare that lecturers respond on the forums
even though they tend to read them quite often (Oh, BobJ you are
sorely missed!) ... I must say, though, in all my correspondence
with all the lecturers, I've not found any that ignored me.

Slightly off-topic ...
Mr Halland is very approachable in person, in addition
to being quite a nice guy; Miss R. Nienaber was as helpful
as one could be even though I was a *tad* irate over the
phone and a little vitriolic in the forums; the formal logic
lecturers follow the forums *as well as* taking an interest in
students; BobJ was excellent in cos311, it's a pity he is no
longer at UNISA[1] and, over the years, I've encountered quite
a few lecturers who responded helpfully and promptly.

I believe that quite a few lecturers refuse to provide
last-minute clarifications of exams (or assignments)
on the phorums as they consider (quite rightly) that doing
so would unfairly give an advantage to those with internet
access over those without.

Since all the undergraduate modules specifically *don't*
specify internet access as a requirement for the module
(unlike the post-grad modules, which all require that
the student have internet access), I believe that this
state of affairs is a just one, and have no complaints
in that direction.

The phorums *should* be used by the students to help
each other. Most questions ideally should be researched by
students and should be answered by many students, with
all of them discussing which answer is most relevant
and/or correct.

Sadly, I notice that most (not all) students using
the forums are not intending discussion but merely
looking for handouts; by this I mean that very few
users of the forums (the ones I frequent, anyway)
actually bother attempting to help a fellow student.

Answers are merely provided (or guessed at), and compared.
The relative merits are not even touched upon. From 2005, I
recall that the cos311 newsgroup was actually used like this,
and the cos340 students made the attempt this year but
there were just too few contributors.

[1] In the new year, I believe I will be actually
working with BobJ himself smile something to look forward
to then ...

good luck for friday all,

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