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Memorise Formulae

Posted by united 
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Memorise Formulae
October 18, 2006 12:59PM
Does anyone knows a technique to memorize the formulae for this module?
Re: Memorise Formulae
October 18, 2006 08:08PM
This is how i memorize formulae - might work for you too:

*Take a page and rule a vertical line down the middle.
*If you have, say n formulae, draw n-1 equally spaced horizontal
lines across the page.
*Now in the nx2 table you have, write in one cell what the formula
is used for also try to list the requirements (if any). In the adjacent
block write down the formula itself and note what each variable is for.
(You must also put any constants here).
*Try not to cram too many on one page- 10 should be max! Once you've
done this, fold the page in half along the vertical line.
*Now to memorize: read the description and UNDERSTAND it. Then read the
formula. Go through each formula on the page 3 times quickly.
*Then to test yourself and to commit it to memory, fold the page in half
so that the formula is hidden from you. Read the description and try to recall
the formula.
*Repeat the process until you can recite the formula without having to refer
to it.
*Now for the real test: after a few hours and without the page (even the
descriptions!) try to recall the description and the formula associated
to it. Repeat this as often as necessary

Hope this helps a bit.

Re: Memorise Formulae
October 19, 2006 10:03AM
Thanks pal I will try it
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