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please help me for the number of assignment dep.

Posted by Ping 
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please help me for the number of assignment dep.
July 16, 2006 02:42PM
Hi, I got my return assignment 02 without marks because of duplicated assignment this Saturday. I found out the reason later. The duplicated one that was accepted by Unisa is the assignment 01 of Inf308 that i worked. I found it was too much drawing work for Assignment 02 When i tried to do it in my computer. So i gave up drawing the picture and do it in the paper. I put it in the assignmnet box on 2nd June at Unisa campus. But i already changed the assignmnet file as assignmnet 2 in my computer.

Then I went to Europe for a familly holiday for 2 weeks. I checked myUnisa on internet when i come back to SA and found assignmnet 2 was still not recorded in the system. So i quickly found the assignmnet 2 file in my computer and uploaded it on internet without thinking.

Now Unisa accepted my wrong assingment 2 that i submited on 21 June on internet and rejected my correct assignment 2 that i submited on 1 June in the assignment box at Unisa.

I have been phoning the assignment number at 012 429 4155 and some other numbers, but no one avaliable to talk.

I wish this assignment have not been marked yet. then i still can submit my correct assignment now.

Anybody can give me some ideas?

Probably, i should go to Unisa campus tomorrow to find somebody explain this problem.

I wish the lecturer of this course could see this and give a chance for my correct assignmnet.

best regards
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