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The Exam

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The Exam
February 24, 2011 12:18PM
So what did you think about the exam. I focused more on theory and did not pay much attention to the graphs, and in the exam they focused on it! Where was the match column A and B? I felt that this exam was not well divided, last year's exam we had to draw charts etcetera, I thought that this year we would focus more on chapters 10-13.
Re: The Exam
February 24, 2011 03:01PM
Eish T the feeling is mutual. The paper was completely suprising. I am soooooo stressed. I have only this module to get my Honours. I could not answer the question on Histogram & Gantt Chart. God please help us, we need your Grace.

Prof please be Lenient, Please!
Re: The Exam
February 24, 2011 03:38PM
I am so sorry , yes hopefully Proff will adjust the marks if a lot of students did poorly.I have 5 down and now i have 5 mor to go. I read on the formum that the marks will be available 18 March , but that registration closes 17 march, now what am is suppose to do if i fail and have to register for it again?confused smiley
Re: The Exam
February 24, 2011 06:00PM
Hi guys
I wish all well and hope that u will pass smiling smiley. I will be registering for this module this year. Were you guys allowed to take the exam paper with you? Please email it to me on masa22@webmail.co.za I would really appreciate it..
Re: The Exam
February 24, 2011 08:09PM
Yes the official date to release examination results is 18 March. However, the results will be published as they become available...So keep on checking the web and your email (they will send them). I assume by week 1 - 2 of March some results should be available.
Re: The Exam
February 25, 2011 09:51AM
I have a headache that wont go away since i saw that paper. I didnt focus on the graps while studying as well. As for that resource histogram, i couldnt figure out where the resource allocations for the tasks were..... anyway i thought it was gonna be an arrow on activity diagram not that stupid thing they gave us.

that paper sucked big time! and so much for "the assignments are a guideline for the most important aspects of the course"

i dont think i made it.......... so sad :-(
Re: The Exam
February 25, 2011 05:10PM
I don't think I made it too - too sad for me - hope there will be rationalization of marks - or is it moderation angry smiley
Did any one noticce that Maslow was spelt as Maslov - I was confused if they were talking about the same guy on hiearchy of needs !
Re: The Exam
February 25, 2011 05:24PM

No i did not even notice thatsmile , but it had to be Moslow I don't know a Maslov.And yes the assignemts weren't really a big help. Hopefully Prof will see if a lot of students did badly and adjust the marks!hot smiley
Re: The Exam
February 28, 2011 12:01PM
I also think the paper was tough and tricky, no assignment could have prepared one for that.
I'm crossing my fingers too, but I have a feeling I won't pass.
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