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Scach A discussion

Posted by MPD_JHB 
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Scach A discussion
May 27, 2010 03:51PM
This thread is an open discussion on Schach's philosophies. Let us see if it picks up some steam, and if there is any value in it.

I started this because I find Schach to be close-minded and mired in the past. In short. grinning smiley

His views on OSS are archaic and biased IMHO and other ideas (like prototyping in Chapter 10) are generally old-fashioned and, again in my opinion, plain wrong.

Before I head off in a rant, anyone else have comments on this? For or against, I can take it!
Re: Scach A discussion
May 31, 2010 01:38PM
Why do you say Schach views are archaic and biased? Prototyping has been around for sometime and still relevant today.
Re: Scach A discussion
May 31, 2010 02:38PM
That is my point - he downplays the relevance of evolutionary prototyping, and sees prototyping only as a model - a means to an end, rather than an iterative process that can be used to develop an end product. Unless he gets to something else later in the book.
Re: Scach A discussion
June 01, 2010 09:53AM
Reality is subjective and people percieve it differently.Write to him and make suggestions for improvement of the text.In addition,at Post Grad level,what you say does not matter,it is the reason why you say something that matters.You made a general assertion that his views are biased and old fashioned,To what extend are they biased and old fashioned?

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