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Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley

Posted by Nabusiu 
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Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 04, 2010 07:53PM
Dear All,

Impossible has never been an issue to me. I set goals and objectives that when achieved, blows up my mind with relief. But above all, get me to appreciate the philosophy of... "Nothing is impossible when one indeed sets out to achieve." At undergraduate level, I set to have my BSc in 3 years but slid to 4 years due to wrong infomation availed to me. And also, I wanted to have a degree with a distinction, which I missed too. hahahahaa. Nevertheless, I got comfortable results that can take me to any university for postgraduate studies. I love UNISA, though sometimes, I do get some dissapointments with ill-informed staffs. Should I call them incompetent staff? Some of the staff working at UNISA call centres and some regional offices are not fit to be in positions they hold. Some think they do us students a favor by attending to us and our querries...I have had difficulties with the registration and accounts departments. Anyhow, I commend those who are doing a great job to keep UNISA's image shine. I will say keep up.

This is year 2010. Many people have set goals and objectives to achieve in this year. I have goals to achieve this year, too. I like challenging myself. I have registered for an Hons BSc Information Systems and I want to achieve this degree in one year of study. So I have registered for 10 modules. This is one of my big goals to achieve in year 2010. The workload seems challenging but I have faith that I will make it through. Anyone with the same ambition like mine? We can make it through.... NEVER SAY NEVER.... Please feel free to contact me on 078 954 1131 or bjnabusiu@hotmail.com.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 05, 2010 09:55AM
hi Nabusiu
also wanted to do this initially, but someone mentioned one needs special permission to do this.
can only speak on my own account, but was kind of glad i took 5 subjects last year. (only on my own account)
The workload is hectic. much much more than undergrad. the work wasn't at all times that difficult though.
cost was also an issue for me to register for 5 subjects only.
during the year, the assignments followed up on each other very quickly. i remember for INF418 the assignment 2 and 3 were less than 3 weeks apart, and each subject had assignments due in August.
so your july and august months are gonna be crazy

all i can say : i reckon it is possible , you've obviously got the drive which i didnt have.
one buggerup for myself was the exams in Feb, because Dec one takes it easy one the studies

if this guy can do what he did, i think we could all look into hons in one year
Bored with medical school, Vivek Naranbhai decided to challenge himself by doing a concurrent honours degree in medical microbiology - setting an academic precedent.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 05, 2010 10:59AM
It is not entirely recommended.
Some modules cannot be done in Year One anyways. INF/COS 412 is such a module - it requires any one of the other modules in addition to INF/COS 462.

Nonetheless, I did 6 last year, and it was mad crazy.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 05, 2010 12:01PM
I like your contributions that emanate from your vast experiences. We can and let's use this forum to motivate each other, share the experiences and promote the spirit of working smart with clear set objectives and goals. jxharding and MPD we can set the ball rolling for others to follow. I am not from a priviledged neither well off background. And to make it more interesting, I am in south africa filled with many and diverse challenges as regards to foreign nationals. I will not mourn about my being in South Africa because my stay here has enriched and widened my knowledge base. I appreciate my stay here because I got to learn of UNISA which has indeed, through its mode of learning, made me acquire these qualifications which I could not have while in my own country.

My goal is to set a trail that others can follow with inspiration and admiration. I look forward to being a positive contributing person in communities and societies. Let's turn UNISA into a goal achieving university and place. I have a friend who made it through at UNISA for both a Masters and PhD in Law. I was so inspired when attending his doctorate graduation. We can make it thorugh irrespective of the workload, financial difficulties and time ocnstraints.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 08, 2010 04:05PM
Yea !
A person like you has the guts - based on your account of the 3 year bacelor period (minimum time recommended). I must say I have been a bit lousy- but not entirely lousy. This is my 4th year with hons ! From a previous thread, most people seems to finish in 3 years time, few in 2 years time and also few in 4 years time. Again from a previos thread in this forum, I did not come across one who did hons in the school of computing in one years time. I encourage you to try - maybe you could be the first !
Further, from my perspective, INF option looks a bit of a slope as compared to COS option. Good luck but I think you will do it in two years time.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 08, 2010 05:06PM
Thank you KBwanga,

Definitely, I agree with you that many of us hadn't yet known of anyone who took such a challenge but i believe there might be someone out there who made it. You know, I have already invested money in this. I have to reap from this investment. Do or I die, I wanna make it. Should I be the first to have this hons in one year, then it will be my joy to have been the first to set such a move....

Well, I have noticed the workload as I have to write 27 assignments. Some modules are just wide but can be done. I suppose I have to dedicate more effort into those very new areas such as formal specications using Z and perhaps research. Team work would be good and encouraged, as this helps measure how much achieved in a subject area.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 08, 2010 05:45PM
...And it makes a huge difference if you do not have work and/or family commitments - ideal situation is - single, unemployed (fully supported by parents) and you therefore approach UNISA as though you are a full time (resident ?) student.
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
March 09, 2010 04:39PM
Well,I quess it is possible. This is my third year hons..You will need extra time(fulltime studying) to accomplish that.
Goodluck in your ambitions,I think two years will do...
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
April 04, 2010 08:46AM
I have also taken 10 and will finish them in one year noma kajani!!!
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
April 13, 2010 07:33PM

We can make it...I believe so. Keep in contact
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
April 14, 2010 03:50PM
For sure.I like your spirit!!!!
Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?hot smiley
May 13, 2010 09:21PM
hey guys

I've also taken all ten modules (Of cause they exclude INF 412 because i was not allowed to register it). however, I am told that INF 412H is a compulsory module for one to pass honors. How true is that?
hot smiley Re: Hon BSc in One Year. Who else is upto the Challenge?
April 03, 2011 04:49PM
Early last year when I undertook to study an Hons Degree, my challenge was to study 10 modules prescribed for an Hons degree in one year and pass well all of them amidst the challenges of work, family and other social demands. I remember coming to this forum to find out who had ever undertaken such a mission and I was so surprised to be told that it is not possible a mission.
At the beginning of the course, it all looked like a roller coaster but when world cup fever caught up the atmosphere for the month of June and forth, the course turned out to be a nightmare. I remember all sorts of difficulties crop up championing my resolve to get an Hons degree in one year.

Normally, my performance in assignments indicates to me the potential results I am likely to score in year-end examinations. Assignments serve to me as a yardstick which helps me channel effort and concentration in areas I may be recording poor success. My performance took a sharp downturn for second assignments in all the 10 modules dropping from above 70 in first assignments to a range between 50 and 60%. I tried to keep on with a positive attitude that I will make it better but I could feel deep in me that had started manifesting and would not easily win. So, I decided to launch a scheme by skipping some assignments (especially 3rd and 4th assignments in those modules I thought I was strong). I used some of the time slots meant for assignments to prepare for Jan/Feb examinations. This turned out to be a grave mistake. My body didn’t want to yield in. I am one who sleeps on average 5 hours a night but this time around 10 or more hours of night sleep became so regular.

Many friends left me; colleagues at work called me many names some calling me crazy mad, my work responsibilities more than doubled in the weeks to exams. My beloved girlfriend packed her belongings and left for unknown destination, money got scarce, stress rose to the highest levels ever.
With the kind of poor performance in subsequent assignments, I realised that chances are I may flunk some papers leave alone not registering excellent results in the final exams come Jan/Feb unless I took drastic measures. The thought of losing all the time and money invested in studying was painfully unbearable. I was chosen to be among the skeleton staff to keep the company systems running during the break. At first, I thought to myself that I would use that moment to catch up with the examination preparations. Hey! Do you know how boring it is to be alone in the office staring at those empty workstations? My mother kept calling asking whether I would be home for Christmas and telling my siblings that I wasn’t to make it this time around again was so tough knowing that they really needed and missed my company. I have not seen my family in such a long time.

Christmas break was such a ‘dead-thick ‘discouraging moment in that I never could concentrate on reading knowing that everybody was away for either family re-union or somewhere on holiday and here I were trying to prove to myself worthwhile.
Why did I do what I did at the honors degree? I have always desired to study up to a PhD level least being at a Master’s level. I have desired this for such a long time. This was my motivation to carry 10 modules in one go. So although I didn’t succeed in getting a distinction degree on average, I am very glad I managed to pass all the 10 modules with an average to take me forward into a Master’s degree program.
Advice: Before undertaking any task, first write down 5 great reasons as to why you want to undertake such a task. Knowing why you are doing something shall motivate you during the dark moments of the pursuit. Anything and everything is possible under any circumstances and situations. Keep walking whatsoever.
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