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Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design

Posted by MoniqueBez 
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Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 16, 2010 07:23AM
Assigment contains screen shots of "badly" designed websites.

Some of the evident problems most web designers do are:
1. Over/Under use of colours
2. Incorrect layout of text and text boxes
3. Too many animations
4. Too many pictures
5. Too many variety of text

In some instances these problem may have a negative impact on your business as your clients/visitors may see this as unprofessional. Most people will only have trust in somebody if it looks like he/she knows what she’s doing. A website also plays a very impostant role for you company; more or less the same a receptionist does. This is the first interaction with the company and needs to be a good one.

Some way of improving the sites are to look at the following:
1. Using emphasis carefully
2. Know the audience
3. Plan the layout of your website
4. Avoid duplication of information
5. Test content for usability
6. Balance style with usability
7. Using the correct size of graphics
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 16, 2010 10:25AM
Totally agree Monique

Looks like you have a fine eye for these sort of things.

What I have seen is also the incapability of structure: look at these two sites:

It looks like they don't plan their sites before hand and just dump a bunch of information into the page. And like you said it looks unprofessional - and a first impression might be the lasting and last one.

I can't add on to your list for improvement - cause you said it all

Just that maybe to use good quality pictures and images if you are adding any
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 19, 2010 07:13PM
The Color is the problem it looks like a cheese factory, Bright red, yellow and orange, it hurts your eyes. To make it better replace it with softer colors.

It takes a long time to load, there is to much on the page and everything is scattered around everywhere, looks like a very ugly news paper. To improve it remove some of the contents and make links to other pages so that is space evenly.

Not very appealing, Looks like a construction site and doesn’t say what is going on and is only a third of the page, also looks like a 1950’s sci-fi movie. To correct it add more color and make it fit the page and some pictures.

It won’t stop moving everything is moving, some of the things are to distracting it’s made by NASA it should look cool not childish. To make it more appealing, some of the thing should stop moving, give some more pictures and some lighter colors.
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Identifying Web Design Content and Design
February 19, 2010 11:25PM
I went through
a) www.spaceistheplace.ca and
b) www.msy.com.au
as mentioned earlier by AV.

a) the background colour hurts the eyes, the website lacks structure, a page is too long with too much information; and formatting is overused. A user wouldn't want to continue browsing to find out what the content is about.
If softer colours were used, and tabs were included to shorten and structure information, this website would attract more viewers and ease navigation.

b) The use of the colour red is too much; its structure lacks coherency; it is not easy to make sense of the website; there are too many links and formatting is over-emphasised.
A clear structure and design, would help readers make sense of it without too much effort; toning down on formatting will help bring out the most important detail the author wishes to communicate.
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 20, 2010 06:46PM
5. I do regularly browse to a website for teachers namely www.davescafe.com and find it quite useful since it offers many things like job ads, teaching tips and lesson plans, etc. However, the one shortcoming is for teachers looking for information about further education, or say, diploma courses, It appears as if there are dated pieces of information, fictitious locations or unclear directions to sites where the courses are offered. There are about I think one or two things you can maybe take seriously when you are looking specifically for information about teacher training. Check uot this website however because the design and navigation is not so bad...
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 21, 2010 05:48PM
I have to say MoniqueBez, you covered it all.... What more is their to say, like AV said.

When designing they must keep in mind the following factors:

Minimizing download time,
Using graphics that are universal,
Sizing graphics to display well on different monitors,
Using frames wisely,
Designing affective + usefull navigations,
Balancing style with usability, (This is I think the most important point to remember)
Enabeling coulors to display correctly.

On the sites, don't repeat the information!!
Don't over kill on the colours, keep it simple!!
Stick to your structure you had in mind, don't add unnessasary pictures or animations!!
They say: les is more!!
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 5 - Itendifying Web Design Content and Design
February 22, 2010 11:27AM

Wolfgang seems to take “being awesome” to a whole new level with his private website. Its impossible to tell just how many layers of terrifying gif images, tickers, frames, and flat out MS Paint drawings there are in this mash-up. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy meant to go all out or go home, because sites this drastically ridiculous need careful planning to come to fruition.

He has to partition his work neatly. Use less colours. Make it readable.
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