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Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet

Posted by MoniqueBez 
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Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet
February 16, 2010 07:17AM
Examples for trends that will emerge in the future of the internet might be internet video phones which will enable users to see/hear each other while for example having breakfast. This has already emerged from Video conferencing that companies currently use; but sure that this will later focus more on socializing. Another thing that will emerge is a text-to-speech device. Let’s say you would like to know what the top story is all about in The Star… You “talk” to the device and it reads the article to you.

The internet might have a positive influence on some businesses, but I am sure that most business like travel agents find it very difficult to fit in with the new times. People prefer going on to the internet and quickly booking their flights with an airline, rather than doing this through a travel agent. Sales persons might also find it difficult, as most people buy their things online; thus there will be less or even no commission.

I think that the impact of the internet on politics is one of positive note. Seeing that all parties already have websites to indicate what they stand for; wouldn’t it be so much easier to vote online rather than standing in a queue for a few of hours?

In line with the impact on business, the internet also affects the decline in newspaper sales. It’s just so much easier going online to have a look at the top stories etc. You can even send this to a friend, or bookmark for later referral.

Current hot technologies would include mobile computing i.e. the BlackBerry or iPhone; social software i.e. Facebook or MySpace.
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet
February 16, 2010 10:54AM
I see almost everybody having reasonably easy access to the internet in the very near future, just like almost everybody has access to a cellphone these days. And if the demand is high, access might be cheaper, easier and maybe even faster. But all this will limit 'physical' people-interaction because, technologies like Skype are very appreciated and save a lot of time, but they don't give you what you get after speaking to someone face to face.
Also, more people might move to wirelessly connecting to the internet, which has proven to have less hassles.
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet
February 16, 2010 01:32PM

Online trading has increased and is more user friendly. For example you don't have to use PayPal or credit card as your main form of payment trough the internet anymore. Internet transfers and EFT's are allowed on some websites now (www.take2.co.za for example.)
Gaiaonline has integrated cell phones to there payment methods. You can purchase Gaia cash with your airtime. It makes the purchase much easier.

Information is easier to retrieve. Main websites like Wikipedia, is a great way to expand your knowledge.

Books are now in E-form, pdf and cbr .They can be read on you laptop, cellphones and computer. Paperbound books are already considered old fashion by some of the now future generations.

Communication as evolved as well, is causing language (proper spelling) to devolve. More people are chatting true the internet via mixit and other chat programs.
Slowly but steadily our languages are being destroyed. Shortening of word and leaving out characters is the new trend (example. U R L8)
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet
February 19, 2010 04:25PM
My opinion of the trends and of emerging trends:

Most movies are download able dees days and some day you won’t have to go to the movies you would pay for a the ticket and then they would stream you the movie. Book you don’t have to go to a book store to get it you can get it with ebooks. News is one of the easiest things you can get today. Shopping you get online and get it delivered to your door. For exercise you can get a personal trainer online that helps you online with the exercises. Speak to a lot of people at the same time like if you go to a class that you can see the lecturer and he can see you.

Most of the stuff will be wireless and can be done anywhere you want.
Re: Pre-Assigment Question 2 - Predicting the Future of the Internet
February 22, 2010 08:10AM
What trends do you see emerging in regards to the Internet?

The introduction of music production will be changed completely. In previous years, music production could only be done via a music label, i.e. EMI, Decca, etc. This resulted in the following: Only certain musicians were selected for auditioning. This was the only way to cut a record. Now today, because of youtube, most unknown artist create websites, publish their music on youtube, and through their websites inform people as to where live shows will appear. This is only one facet, which will increase as the years go by. The negative aspect is that there will be no copyright. The music will be open for all to use and download which is in fact the current problem. As a result, there will definately be changes in the area of youtube.
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