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Exam Questions Nov 2010
November 02, 2010 08:07PM
Exam Nov 2010 as far as I can remember: (any corrections please feel free to add) - Questions may not be in the correct place.

Q1 - 20 MCQ, hardly any from assignments, nearly all from
Q2 - 20 marks (Characteristics of a Relation, Null Values, Simple and Composite Attributes,Data Dictionary)
Q3 - 15 marks (ERD - same as Assignment 2 Q2 - Flyright Aircraft Maintenance)
Q4 - 15 marks (Dependancy Diagram - Chapter 7, Problem 11)
Q5 - 15 marks (Transaction Log, Database Recovery Processes, Distributed Databases & Distributed Processing,)
Q6 - 15 marks (XML, Web application Server,Data Replication)

Most of the questions were from Assignment 2.
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