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Book summary?

Posted by chayolle 
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Book summary?
October 24, 2006 07:42AM
Does anyone have a book summary just like the sumnmary for COS321 ot INF320?
avatar Re: Book summary?
October 25, 2006 01:45AM
With all the people asking for summaries, I'm a little

I generally make my own summaries, mind-maps,
flowcharts, pseudocode, example questions, histograms,
bullet-points, precis, diagrams or whatever else
I feel is necessary to understand the material.

I doubt that my hastily drawn pencil figures will help
anyone but me.

Besides, I've looked through the assignment solutions
that were sent out and found that their "answers" had
no relation to the question in some cases. Look at
the question (either A3 or A4) that asks to list
the "essential" differences between RD models and
OODB models ... my understanding is that giving the
history of either model is not an 'essential difference'.

It's a pity - all the INF modules I've passed seemed
to be more based on luck than on any right/wrong answer.
Just goes to show that information systems isn't really
an exact science like the way COS modules are.

later all
(the luck stops here smile
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