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Assignments not marked/showing up

Posted by goose 
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avatar Assignments not marked/showing up
July 18, 2006 06:12PM
I see that only the first two assignments of mine
are showing up as marked on myunisa.

The third assignment is display, but with no mark.

Should I be worried about this? THis is not
the only module where this is happening; I don't
remember a 2 month delay last year for all my modules.

Re: Assignments not marked/showing up
July 19, 2006 07:31AM
There is an insane backlog in the assignments department, I'm still waiting for result for assignment 3.

I sent an email to this module and this was the response:

"The year 2006 is probably one of the most challenging years in Unisa's existence. The realities of merging Technicon SA, Unisa and Vudec into the comprehensive mega-institution, the new Unisa with its more than 220 000 students, hit the administration and all their systems, including Registration, Production, Scheduling and Assignments, this year. The ripple effect of this situation with its huge delays in processing material of various kinds on the teaching departments is, to say the least, significant. Needless to say that the same is unfortunately also true for you, our student!

Our request is to bear with us this year. The University has appointed consultants to address and improve the situation. Our hope is that things will start improving and normalising towards the end of July 2006."
avatar Re: Assignments not marked/showing up
July 24, 2006 01:30PM
i SENT IN THE ASS 1 FOR REMARKING AS they mixed mine with someone elses assignment, I marked it for attention the lecturer, it was opened and returned with a note saying duplicate assignment. I am giving up. I need just 3 marks from the 4th assignment, but I don't know if the ass dept will cock that up as well.
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