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Submitted assignments not showing on MyUnisa

Posted by 33203067 
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Submitted assignments not showing on MyUnisa
June 19, 2006 08:39AM

There seems to be a general problem with the submission of assignments. I submitted assignment 1 via MyUnisa, but got it 'returned' due to Unisa not being to print it for some reason (although this problem have not occured with assignments submitted for INF307).

I then posted the assignment from the Florida campus on approximately 24 March. But it is STILL not showing as being received. I have contacted the assignment department twice and all they tell me is that they have a back-log and that I should contact them again after a while. I've even e-mailed one of the lecturers, but did not receive any response yet - and it's been almost 1 month already!!

I am obviously very concerned about this - seeing that I need the credits to qualify for writing the exam!!

And that's just the hassles with assignment 1. I've submitted assignment 3 by dropping it in the assignment box at Florida campus and this one is also still not showing as received!! And I've dropped it in the box on approx 30 April !!

So, for this module, according to MyUnisa, I haven't submitted any assignments yet!!

PLEASE, please - if someone has any suggestions for me - they'll be more than welcome!
Re: Submitted assignments not showing on MyUnisa
June 19, 2006 12:24PM
I am having the same problem and I am just hoping for the best. I have emailed them but so far, no response. It's not just this course either. Other courses where I have submitted assignments using myUnisa show that those assignments have not been submitted. Oh well.
Re: Submitted assignments not showing on MyUnisa
June 26, 2006 01:05PM
Dear Students

Yes, we have had problems with assignment submission but the backlog should be cleared by now. Please resubmit, if the assignment is more than 2 weeks late then add a letter of explanation.
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