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Posted by ods 
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October 16, 2006 07:02PM
Given a qtn like, perform a Translation of 3 units, along the x-axis,on points

a=(0,1,0); b=(0,1,1)

1 0 0 x
0 0 1 z
0 0 0 1

Thus, T=
1 0 0 3.0
0 1 0 y
0 0 1 z
0 0 0 1

Now, I know you do a MULTIPLICATION btwn T and each given Point. My question is,
since the values of y and z are not given, do you regard them as 0 or 1?
Maybe i'm just plain stupid or somethin but i really need some clearity on this one. Anyone?
avatar Re: Transformations2
October 17, 2006 09:10PM
Look at it this way, you are translating
3 units on x, 0 units on y and 0 units on z.

What number do you think you have to use?

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Re: Transformations2
October 18, 2006 04:39AM
Its just that i wasn't sure, actually your suggestion did cross my mind but, thanks anyway. U know when u nervours u just can not b too sure for the correct thing. Once again thanx a lot Man.
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